RV Solar Panel and Roof Maintenance

In preparation for next weekend’s Overland Expo in Flagstaff, I decided to climb up on the roof to inspect things and do some cleaning. I try to get up on the roof three or four times a year, but by the look of things this isn’t enough. The solar panels, vent covers, and the bathroom skylight were covered in dirt and dust. The dirt on the solar panels was so bad I was amazed my system was able to draw in any amount of amperage from them. I might have to change my rooftop inspection and cleaning schedule to once a month.

Aside from regular cleaning, it’s important to periodically inspect your RV’s roof to ensure there are no rips or tears, that caulking is intact, and that vent covers and AC shrouds are whole and secure. If you have solar panels mounted on your roof, you’ll also want to inspect the mounting brackets to ensure they’re secure to the roof and that’s there’s sufficient caulking to keep them water tight. Doing this periodically will give you peace of mind and will help prevent any nasty surprises on your next trip or outing.

Bathroom Skylight and 12v Vent Cover.
Fantastic Vent.
The 120 watt Solar Panel on my roof.


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  1. Cleaning, inspection for wear n tear, and repairing with a good sealant are inevitable for roof maintenance. I advise you that for cleaning RV your RV roof, never go for pressure washing and don’t use detergents. Must use Roof Protect/Cleaner instead of washing for best results. I have an RV rubber roof and it is the best roof cleaner that I have experienced ever as it emulsifies impurities and provides an improved refined surface by effectively removing oil, grease, mildew, dirt, and other soils from the RV roofing membrane. It also contains a mildew ide to kill any mold spores on the roof easily. It’sone gallon will last approximately 8 washes. All its features, mixing details, and application procedures are present on its website.

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