Soaring Eagle’s New OV-X 5.5 Jeep Truck Topper is an Overlander’s Dream

Soaring Eagle Camper’s marketing brochure says it all: “97 percent of the earth is unpaved. Get out there an explore it!” Helping make this overland exploration possible is Soaring Eagle’s new OV-X 5.5 truck topper. Without the jacks, the topper weighs only 600 pounds, making it the perfect travel companion for any full-size or mid-size truck including the highly capable Jeep Gladiator. There’s no doubt about, this Soaring Eagle OV-X 5.5 topper and Jeep Gladiator pairing is an Overlander’s Dream.

Like all truck toppers, the OV-X 5.5 is the perfect rig for truck owners who do not want to give up their truck bed storage area. Constructed of all tubular aluminum and composites, the OV-X is made to stand the test of time, while offering consumers the ability to continue to tow their boat, ATVs, mountain bikes, etc. and still include all of their camping gear inside. Extremely popular with the overland and minimalist crowd, the OV-X is the perfect compliment to those who love spending time in the great outdoors, but aren’t looking for a traditional RV with big screen TVs and fake

Soaring Eagle offers four OV-X topper bed sizes to accommodate trucks of any size and bed length: 5 feet; 5.5 feet; 6.5 feet; and 8 feet. This allows the topper to be hauled on popular trucks of all sizes and lengths, including mid-size trucks like the Jeep Gladiator and Toyota Tacoma, and full-size trucks like the Ford F-150, and the highly-capable Ram Power Wagon and Ford Raptor.

The OV-X offers a pull-out, king-size bed with a mattress that has built-in storage underneath. The open space provides storage space for just about anything the owner would ever want to take with them on their adventures. The pop-top of the OV-X raises with ease utilizing Soaring Eagle Campers proprietary lift bar system supported by gas struts on the exterior. The tent fabric is both waterproof and durable, providing years of carefree usage. Two large, 12 volt vent fans in the roof feature LED rings which bathe the interior of the camper with plenty of light.

Popular options include roof-mounted solar panels, a portable Blackstone griddle, a Dometic powered cooler (12 volt/110 volt), exterior peg boards for attaching gear, and a roof rack for kayaks.

The truck topper is one of the most important developments in the truck camper marketplace. The topper is lightweight yet offers the necessities needed to camp comfortably without losing valuable storage space inside the bed of the truck. Still, the topper offers numerous options for DIYers to “trick out” the interior with cabinetry, equipment, and appliances that can rival the best of what a traditional slide-in camper can offer.

“The OV-X is the perfect rig for off-road enthusiasts and overlanders looking for something lightweight,” said Scott Tuttle, CEO of Soaring Eagle Campers. “It’s amazing how many people east of the Rockies have no idea what a truck topper is. They have no concept of what this is. They’re like, what in the world? This is good and bad. The good part is the retail customers see it and they go, ‘wow, that’s perfect.’ I had a guy who told me at the very first show we were ever at that, ‘I’ve never purchased a truck camper in 15 years, because I wasn’t willing to give up all the space in the bed where I put all my gear and me and my buddies go hunting and we pull a boat. We just weren’t willing to give up all that space. But now with this OVX product, I can still take all my gear and I’ve got a great bed. It’s got almost 7-feet of headroom inside. I love it.'”

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