Secop Releases Revolutionary New BD Nano DC Compressor

Secop, the leading manufacturer of DC compressors and cooling solutions worldwide, just released a revolutionary variable speed DC compressor called the BD Nano that promises to make the DC compressor refrigerators used in the trucking and RV industries operate even better.

According to the press release, the BD Nano is 40 percent smaller, 67 percent lighter, and consumes 20 percent less power (5.26 amps) than the legacy BD35F compressor used in DC compressor refrigerators today, which consumes 6.54 amps.

The BD Nano features numerous technical innovations, including new mobile stability, improved lubrication, new miniaturized mufflers, a compact housing, a new miniaturized motor, improved valves, and improved controllers.

The BD Nano is environmentally friendly as well. The new compressor can use either the standard R134a refrigerant (model BD45F) used in most DC compressor refrigerators today, or use a natural refrigerant called R600a (model BD50K). R600a is a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) natural refrigerant with a zero ozone depletion capability.

Secop offers a variety of control options for the new variable speed compressor. These include AC/DC controllers, where the controller automatically detects the incoming voltage and switches from line power to battery power as needed, as well as a solar controller that allows for low speed operation during non-peak daylight hours. The solar controller also offers the ability to swap back and forth between a battery back up and the solar array. Trucking/RV control options provide additional filters to reduce EMF noise.

All Secop compressors are approved for medical use, allowing for the storage of vaccines and other samples down to -112F.

Secop currently offers three basic models of compressors: the BD-P, the BD Micro, and the BD Nano.

The company anticipates rolling out the BD Nano compressor to refrigerator OEMs in early 2024. These OEMs include Dometic, NovaKool, National Luna, and Norcold.

Secop delivers advanced refrigeration compressors and controls, providing customers tailored sustainable solutions for light commercial, battery driven, and special cooling applications. The company has a long track record in energy-efficient and green refrigerants projects with innovative solutions for both compressors and control electronics. The group has 1,350 employees worldwide with production sites in Slovakia and China as well as research centers in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, China, and the USA, including a dedicated motor competence center (MCC) to support the development of electronics and motor controls.

To learn more about Secop’s mobile cooling solutions, visit the Secop website at

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