Scout’s New Yoho Pop-Up Truck Camper Promises to be a Big Hit

Capitalizing on the enormous success of the Scout brand, Adventurer Manufacturing launched a new camper today called the Scout Yoho Pop-Up. According to the press release, the new pop-up camper offers a number of firsts for the Yakima, Washington-based company—a new Easy Rise roof lift system, a one-piece monocoque roof, and resin-reinforced cabinets made out of recycled paper. Because of its low profile and light weight, Scout’s new Yoho pop-up truck camper promises to be a big hit with both overlanders and off-road enthusiasts alike.

The new slide-in pop-up truck camper offers the best aspects of the Scout hard-wall while at the same time providing the enormous benefits of a pop-up. Why offer a slide-in pop-up camper when Scout’s hard-side models have been enormously successful? Two words: customer demand. Customers wanted the quality and features of the Scout brand while enjoying the benefits of a low-profile pop-up. There simply isn’t a more capable camper when it comes to extreme off-roading and overlanding than a light, low-profile pop-up truck camper.

Furthering Scout’s ethos of camping simple, the new Scout Yoho pop-up camper features a manual, “easy-rise” roof lift system and an optional bed extension that provides a generous 75 inches of sleeping space. Using the collapsible J-shaped dinette, the camper can comfortably sleep up to four people. Like all Scout campers, the new Scout Yoho pop-up offers a portable Goal Zero Yeti 3000x lithium power station, a Lifesaver portable 4.9 gallon Jerry Can, and an optional portable propane cooktop with a recessed interior countertop mounting. These portable units can be used both inside and outside the camper.

Additional standards of the new Yoho pop-up include dual 100 watt rooftop solar panels, panoramic soft wall windows with privacy zip walls and screens, a 12 volt Fan-Tastic Vent Fan, LED lighting, a Lagun adjustable table, a stainless steel sink, and a convertible dinette lounge with sleeper conversion.

“We’re not reinventing the core base of what it means to be a pop-up, but we are definitely putting our own quality spin on what’s currently offered in the market,” explained Elly Pimentel, Scout’s Communication Manager. “We included larger windows, our own in-house lift mechanism—which is patent-pending—and a bunch of other upgrades like a residential-style door handle in the camper. There are actually two 100 watt solar panels on the roof, which is different than our hard wall models, and the full-length bamboo countertop provides a lot of working space. The power station is now located underneath that countertop, and there’s a dinette cushion with an opening underneath where the Dometic 45L refrigerator-freezer sits, if you decide to get it.”

Like all Scout campers, the new Yoho pop-up is built to last. Construction features a composite substrate construction, aluminum exo-skeleton framing for extra strength and durability, a gel coat fiberglass exterior and roof, decorative interior composite panels, dark walnut removable marine flooring, and Scout’s first ever vacuum infused monocoque composite roof that utilizes the company’s iconic nose profile and slope to shed water. For the pop-up camper’s soft-walls, Scout leveraged it’s existing partnership with Go Fast Campers (GFC), manufacturer of the roof-top tents used in Scout’s hard-side models. The attractive grey, tone-on-tone fabric is breathable, water and UV resistant, and sports six large, 360-degree panoramic windows.

The solar-powered pop-up features an eco and ergo friendly interior accented with bamboo table tops and countertops. The cabinets are made of recycled paper that are durable, resin-reinforced, water-resistant, and eco-friendly. The expansive galley includes a stainless sink and more counter space than any other Scout model, a convertible lounge large enough to seat four adults, and plentiful amounts of storage for extended outings. Dinette and bed cushions in the camper utilize high quality Arlo soft touch fabrics for durability and good looks.

According to the Washington-based manufacturer, the new Yoho pop-up weighs approximately 976 pounds, offers a floor length of 5 feet 8 inches, and fits on short-bed and long-bed mid-size trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, and Jeep Gladiator. With the popularity of mid-size trucks in the overlanding community, it makes sense to start with a mid-size pop-up like the Yoho.

But don’t be fooled by the Yoho pop-up’s diminutive size. With an interior height over 6 feet 7 inches, the new Scout Yoho pop-up offers plenty of head space and elbow room without feeling claustrophobic. As a matter of fact, the Scout Yoho pop-up is a good 4.5 inches higher than the Yoho hard-side model. While the Yoho pop-up’s door is shorter and wider than the Yoho hard-side’s door, the pop-up’s design more than makes up for that in the total height inside.

A host of options are being offered for the new Scout pop-up, including an under bench Dometic CFX3 45L refrigerator/freezer with WiFi, a first time offering by Scout. Additional options include a Kammok Crosswing Awning, a portable Dometic 2.6 gallon toilet, an Inset Portable Indoor/Outdoor LP Cooktop, removable camper jacks, a Roto Pax 2 gallon Water Pack, a slide-out cabover bunk extension – 24 inches (max dimensions of 75 x 72 inches), the superb Newport 4.5 BTU Real Flame Fireplace, and bilateral bed rail runners.

Pricing for the new Scout Yoho Pop-Up starts at $27,900. The obvious question at this point is if the team at Scout plans on offering larger pop-up models using the existing Kenai and Olympic models as baselines. According to Pimentel, the answer is “yes, in good time.”

So what are our initial impressions of the Scout Yoho Pop-Up? Without seeing it in person, the concept is terrific. We’ve always been fans of Scout’s approach to lightweight truck camper design and construction. Over the years, many attempts have been made by truck camper companies to build a true half-ton hard-side, yet nobody was actually able to do it until Scout did it with the Olympic. It makes sense to offer a mid-size pop-up camper in the mold of Scout’s enormously popular hard-side models that capitalizes on all of the benefits that the pop-up offers. An induction cooktop is the only option we wish they offered.

“We got feedback from people who wanted to hit certain trails that they couldn’t in a hard-side. So for us, it just seemed like a natural thing to do to offer a pop-up the Scout way and not in anybody else’s way. You can tell our pop-up is a Scout, and that’s exactly what we wanted to do with the pop-up,” Pimentel said.

For more information about the new Scout Yoho Pop-Up, visit the company’s website at

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