Scout Campers Announces Exciting Upgrades and Partnerships for 2024

Scout Campers, a division of Yakima, Washington-based Adventurer Manufacturing, just announced an array of enhancements and partnerships for the Scout 2024 model year lineup. With a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, Scout continues to redefine the outdoor experience by offering more features and customization options than ever before. Many of these enhancements apply to all four Scout camper models—the Kenai, Olympic, Yoho, and the new Tuktut.

The following is an overview of the full series of updates implemented across Scout’s product range:

New Partnerships

Scout is proud to embrace new brand collaborations that elevate and inspire. Notable partnerships include the GFCs (Go Fast Campers) rooftop tent (RTT) for the Olympic and Kenai models. This change not only provides users with a higher quality product, but also aligns with Scout’s dedicated support of north American manufacturing, supporting local communities. Further collaborations include a brand-new fast-deploying awning, courtesy of Kammok. After careful review and qualified user feedback, the awning position has been adjusted as well, allowing for increased ease of access from the ground while loaded. The new awning position is located just below the side window.

Scout Camper’s New Go Fast Camper Rooftop Tent
New Kammok awning

Increased Comfort

One small change with a significant difference is the widening of the Yoho model’s base. Built for mid-size trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger, Yoho’s already flexible and modular interior feels even roomier with several additional inches of lateral floor space, with no changes to current galley, seating, or entryway configuration. Another small change with massive user benefit is the standardization of interior ceiling brackets for Yoho, Olympic, and Kenai. These brackets have proven to be one of the most practical and high-demand options for Scout to-date and moving them to standard is a natural progression for the brand.

2024 Scout Yoho interior

Electrical Upgrades

Scout’s electrical integrations have been upgraded, empowering a higher level of flexibility to meet each individual user’s outdoor needs. The introduction of a hard-wired, 12 volt switch-controlled porch light gives users a stronger exterior light source, improving nighttime security without having to step outside. Scout’s flexibility upgrades also include increased systems cabinet space, making possible the accommodation of alternative power sources such as REDARC, Bluetti, and other custom power solutions.

With a focus on reducing rooftop mount holes to enhance structural integrity, Scout has introduced an upgraded cable gland that has undergone rigorous testing for electrical, mechanical, UV, corrosion, thermal, and waterproof durability. This cable gland presents a tremendous benefit to users and is complemented by improved cable/wire mounting on the exterior of the camper, as well.

Enhanced Security and Functionality

Perhaps one of the most overlooked luxuries a camper holds is in its locks. Over the last year Scout implemented an unannounced change, which provides uniquely-keyed exterior gear locker latches in all Scout campers. These new locks provide enhanced security for valuable gear and storage items, and the compressive action of the latches ensure a tight seal without causing rubbing or wearing on the pawl or frame.

Tuktut Model: Unmatched Customization

Scout’s new Tuktut model, an even lighter alternative for mid-size trucks, now boasts an unprecedented level of customization options. Adventurers can now choose from an array of features including bunk windows, powered vents or skylight, a diesel heater, wiring and power systems, cabinetry, and interior water storage. The introduction of custom Goose Gear “Explore Series” cabinetry was announced in the spring of this year, demonstrating the Tuktut’s versatility for DIY’ers, tradesmen, upfitters and build-as-you-go’ers.

2024 Scout Tuktut interior

Kenai Galley: Enhanced Flexibility

The Kenai galley saw significant ergonomic changes as part of the 2023 model year update. In trend with keeping enhanced flexibility in mind, Scout has made one more change to Kenai’s cooking space. The addition of a routed port in the driver side rear wardrobe allows for users to install supplemental water systems, like the Dometic Go Water Hydration Jug and Faucet. The Kenai’s driver side wardrobe boasts sturdy, adjustable shelving to further facilitate DIY customizations and resource storage. The largest of all Scout camper models, the Kenai offers an 8-foot floorplan and is made for full-size long-bed pickup trucks.

2024 Scout Kenai cooking space

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  1. The 2 missing improvement changes that stick out like a sore thumb that should have been addressed but failed to be identified and instead were left in place.
    1) The placement of the side windows. Take the floor space divide it in half. Move the window into the half that is closest to the bed. Move the hanging bags over the bed inline with the end of the bags in line with the bed before before the extensions are in place Presto two areas each offering 3 feet of shelves or upper cabinets that will have a space to be installed from the back of the camper towards the front of the camper.
    2) The gravity 4.9 gal water tank needs to be located outside the rear Camper wall above the 2 gal water tank. Cover them both with winterized protectection and allow interior air to keep both water sources from freezing . Cover from top to bottom of the water tanks creating a 3rd area with the middle area being opened to the camper so that a small electric A/C (EnjoyCool) has an area to operate from.

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