Rossmonster to Launch Lagom Folding-Wall Camper at Overland Expo West

Rossmönster Overland will be launching its brand-new Lagom Series truck topper at the Overland Expo West, 20-22 May in Flagstaff, Arizona. According to the press release, the Lagom will be Rossmönster Overland’s most compact and versatile truck topper. The camper is four-season capable and features folding, hard-wall system that allows for a slim rooftop profile when closed, a plush camping experience when open, and the ability to be setup and taken down quickly.

“We are thrilled about the launch of the Lagom and its ability to serve an entirely different consumer, said Luke Farny, owner and co-founder of Rossmönster Overland. “Offering a product that is lighter and more affordable than anything in our current lineup opens the door to a whole new realm of possibility and allows us to bring adventure to a much more broad subset of people.”

The Lagom Series truck toppers are constructed with a folding aluminum wall system with full length front and rear window panes as well as locking side and rear panels that allow access to the bed of the truck. The Lagom Series is available in three different trim packages: base, base plus and the expedition package, allowing customers to choose the interior and exterior upgrades that are right for their style of adventure.

Standard features of the Lagom include full rear and side access to the truck bed, upholstered wall panels, window covers, a full-size 2-inch thick mattress, and locking latches. The base plus trim package offers up to 200 watts of solar, dimmable LED dome lighting, a MaxxAir fan, and a Yeti 1500 Goal Zero power system similar to the popular Jackery Explorer 1000. Those opting for the expedition trim package get an exterior ladder, custom molle panels, roof rails, and an LED light bar. Total cost for everything is $21,000.

After the excitement and demand generated from the launch of the Baja, Rossmönster’s inaugural truck camper, the Rossmönster team quickly realized that there was a big demand for a smaller, more affordable camper. With a weight of only 350-450 pounds, the truck topper is compatible with the Toyota Tacoma and Jeep Gladiator mid-size trucks. The company also offers a full-size, 450-pound version that fits on the Ford F150. The company’s website states that other models are in the works and will be available soon.

While the Lagom Series may not have many bells and whistles that Rossmönster’s larger truck and van builds include, it does offer a lightweight alternative for those seeking to utilize a smaller truck or turn their daily driver into an epic weekend adventure rig. The topper has much in common with the popular AT Overland Atlas, Four Wheel Camper Project-M, and Hiatus Camper.

“One of the most exciting parts of our job is that we get to create products inspired by the rigs that our team dreams of, simply because they are something we ourselves would want to use,” explained Ross Williamson, owner and co-founder of the company. “The Lagom Series is particularly exciting to me because I love the functionality. Not only is the Lagom a sweet adventure rig, but it is still a daily driver with full usability of the bed of the truck.”

The new truck topper be launched at the Overland Expo West, 20-22 May 2022, in Flagstaff, Arizona. The topper can be seen at the Rossmönster Overland booth C16. For more information, visit the Rossmönster Overland website at

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