Review of the Easy Hitch Step for Truck Campers

The entry step is one of the most important accessories you can get for your truck camper. Without a safe and effective way to get in and out of your camper, your $40,000 camper is pretty much useless. Entry steps for truck campers run the gamut from simple bolt-on solutions, like the popular Torklift GlowStep, to the more extravagant Torklift Fox Landing used on Arctic Fox campers. Some prefer an even simpler solution, like the Little Giant 4-step Ladder, with the safety handle removed. A relatively new player to the truck camper entry-step game is a company called Easy Hitch Step. Making entry steps is all the South Carolina-based company does and by all accounts it appears to be very good at doing it. This is a review of the Easy Hitch Step 3-Step Adjustable model.

Easy Hitch Step History

About five years ago, Terry Atkins, Easy Hitch Step’s founder, began looking for a truck camper entry step system that didn’t rely on level ground for stability. He never found one, so he began designing one himself. Using the 2-inch hitch receiver appeared to be the obvious solution because it provided the necessary strength and stability he was looking for. This approach was also simpler and didn’t require drilling additional holes into the camper. Terry’s first prototype step was made of wood and PBC parts, then later he developed a real prototype step made out of metal diamond plate. Soon, this material was abandoned for fear of wet and icy surfaces causing slipping and possible injury. A 7-inch wide grip strut tread was eventually adopted for four-season use, and with the help of a local fabricator, the final product that you now see was developed.

The Product

Truck Camper Adventure’s requirements for an entry step were similar to Terry’s. We too wanted a collapsible step that mounted into a 2-inch receiver. It had to be sturdy and it had to be safe. Ultimately, we decided to go with the Easy Hitch Step’s 3-Step Adjustable model, which is Terry’s most popular model. Constructed of hardened, powder-coated steel, the Easy Hitch Step deploys quickly and easily, and folds up for travel in seconds. The step comes with a handy license plate bracket, features grip treads for non-slip action in wet and icy weather, and comes with a slam hatch for quick storage and travel. The Easy Hitch Step features seven different adjustment height positions to accommodate differences in trucks and campers, but, unfortunately, this particular model of step isn’t compatible with basement-style truck campers. The Easy Hitch Step 3-Step Adjustable model lists for $409 and is made in the USA.

Truck camper owners looking for a simple entry step solution will be pleased with the Easy Hitch Step. The three-step unit weighs only 33 pounds, is 16 inches wide, 16.5 inches tall when fully deployed, and only 20 inches tall folded up. According to the company, the steps can accommodate persons weighing up to 300 pounds, but honestly, these hardened, powder-coated steel steps look stout enough to support 400 pounds. Due to the rear overhang of some truck campers, like our Bundutec Roadrunner, a hitch extender will also be needed. We use a Curt 30-inch hitch extender that works great and provides the right amount of length to extend beyond the back of the camper.

Use of the Easy Hitch Step

The use of “easy” in the name is appropriate because the unit deploys and folds away in just seconds. It’s also “easy” to install and set-up. Another benefit—and this one’s huge—is that the step doesn’t take up valuable storage space when stored for travel. Some steps require a special storage bay or need to be stored inside the camper during travel. The Easy Hitch Step doesn’t have that problem, it remains out of the way whether it’s being used or not. Lastly and more importantly, the Easy Hitch Step is safe when used with an appropriately sized grab handle. We’ve never had an issue getting in and out of the camper even during those times with slush and snow on the ground. We also like the distance between each step and how wide and sturdy the unit is. Just be careful to raise the camper sufficiently high enough when unloading the camper from the truck or else you can damage the back of your camper.

Are there any cons associated with this make and model? Not really, though a few things need to be kept in mind before purchase. First, you can’t tow with this particular model of Easy Hitch Step, but the company makes a model that can, so you can’t really ding the company for this. Second, for those who need a hitch extender and who like to take their campers off-road, this solution will severely reduce your rig’s departure angle. As a result, we won’t be able to take the Easy Hitch Step with us on some off-road trips. However, this restriction doesn’t apply to all truck and truck camper models, especially pop-ups. Indeed, most pop-up truck campers extend very little beyond the back, including those made by our good friends at Four Wheel Camper, Outfitter, and Hallmark.

Lubricating the steps every two to three months will be necessary, especially if you live and play in dusty and dirty environments. Road salts can also cause rust and corrosion making the steps difficult to open and close. To prevent this from happening, the company recommends frequently blowing compressed air thoroughly in the four hinge points and in the three 1/8-inch lubricating holes and lubricating these points with a quality silicone or white lithium grease spray. This should be done especially when storing the steps for long periods of time. To help distribute the lubrication oil evenly, the company recommends placing the steps on its side for a time.

The Verdict

When it comes to a simple product like the Easy Hitch Step, there isn’t much to say. Does the step work? Yes, it does, very well. Is it well-made? It is. Is it easy to assemble? Very. Does the wife like it? She does! She particularly likes how safe and easy it is to use, which are the most important things in our book. Steps that take several minutes to deploy and put away can be a pain, especially when nature is calling. Another benefit, of course, is that the steps can be used with or without the camper. If you’re using your truck to haul things like firewood and furniture, the Easy Hitch Step makes it super easy to access the bed of your truck. About the only thing these steps lack is some kind of reflective tape for nighttime use, easily correctable with a quick trip to the hardware store. What would we rate the Easy Hitch Step? On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, we enthusiastically give this product a rating of 5 stars. It’s a great product.

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