Review of the Desert Does It Front Molle Mount

When I first bought my 2015 Ram 3500, the center console appeared big enough for a small child to live in. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that it would ever get filled with all the stuff that we typically traveled with. In addition to spare eyeglasses, charging cables, and loose change, it also became the dumping ground for my SPOT device, Emergency Locator beacon, and flashlight.  If ever needed in an emergency, I knew they would always be buried in the bottom and not easily accessible.

I came across an ad from a company called Desert Does It that manufactures a wide range of products for Jeeps and most major truck brands, including under seat compressor mounts, fire extinguisher brackets and mounts to raise the front seats for added comfort. One product that intrigued me was one they call a “multi mount panel” that attaches to the front of the vehicle’s seat. It uses the well-known Molle attachment system and allows you to utilize space that is typically wasted. I already had a collection of small Molle pouches, so I decided to give it a try.

The package arrived quickly and was well packed. The installation instructions were very clear, and all the necessary hardware was included. On my Ram, I had to remove a plastic cover, but installation literally took 10 minutes.  The panel bolts to existing holes so no drilling is required, and the only tools needed are a 15mm socket and a 5mm Allen wrench.  The factory seat bolts are very tight, but once removed, the rest of the install went quickly. The installed panel runs across the front of the seat, but sits high enough off the floor that installing the Molle pouches was very easy.

Since I will sometimes travel with a firearm (fully permitted), I mounted the holster where my right hand could easily reach it. Small Molle pouches now hold my SPOT device, a flashlight and my Emergency Locator Beacon and are all easily accessible with either hand. Even if the vehicle rolled over, I could still reach any of these devices with little effort. And because the seat front overhangs the panel, it’s not visible when the driver’s side door is open. After several thousand miles of use, both on and off road, the panel and the bags never moved and did not interfere with my feet when driving. I like the product so much, I might be adding one to the passenger side soon.

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Kevin and Linda live in Minnesota and spend part of each year visiting family in Vermont and exploring the National Parks and public lands throughout the American West. Boondocking in remote areas is their passion and the truck camper is the perfect vehicle to make that happen.

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