OVRLND Campers Introduces New Bivy Non-Cabover Pop-Top

Our friends at OVRLND Campers just introduced a non-cabover, pop-top camper called the Bivy. According to the press release, the new truck topper camper shell offers a new way for campers and overlanders to get out and enjoy the outdoors. The non-cabover topper weighs only 205 pounds, making it ideal for mid-size and full-size trucks with low payload ratings.

“We’re really excited about the new Bivy non-cabover camper,” said Jay Wellman, OVRLND Campers CEO. “Over the years we’ve had several customers ask for a non-cabover model. Some wanted a lower profile camper that offered less wind resistance and better fuel mileage. Some needed to fit into a low parking garage for work, others had to comply with strict HOA rules. For whatever the reason, customers over the years asked for a custom, non-cabover unit. We’ve always thought it was a great solution for the weekend warrior or for the remote jobsite worker as well. Someone who’s not looking for a full camper or intricate build out, just a solid place to get out of the weather without feeling like they’re in a coffin.”

The Bivy with the top popped-up.
Bivy’s split-bed configuration

The Bivy is available for both mid-size trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado and full-size trucks like the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500.

Like all OVRLND Campers, the Bivy features a lightweight construction that weighs only 205 pounds for the mid-size model. According to the Flagstaff, Arizona builder, the Bivy is not much heavier than a fiberglass shell with the added benefit of being able to stand up inside.

Like all pop-up campers in general, the Bivy features a low-profile design that is sleek and compact and able to navigate tight trails and HOA regulations with ease, ducking low branches and low parking garages alike.

The new Bivy is versatile. The non-cabover camper offers what it calls a split-bed configuration for two adults. The Bivy’s interior layout can also be customized. Customers can opt for split sleeping bed platforms, a bed and a workbench—or no platforms at all—it’s all up to the owner.

The new OVRLND Bivy is also a DIY-friendly platform. The vertical walls and the visible frame structure make it easy to mount accessories both inside and outside the camper. As a matter of fact, OVRLND Campers encourages owners to modify the camper in any way that they want.

“Just like our regular cabover camper, the Bivy has a fully-visible frame, complete with regular angles and easily sourced hardware. We want our campers to be as easy to work on as possible so they’re approachable for the weekend handyman who wants to tackle his own custom build. If a fully-kitted camper isn’t your dream, you still get four walls, a roof over your head, canvas windows for ventilation and visibility, and enough room to operate without knocking over your stove just trying to get your pants on. We’re really excited about it and are stoked to see what our customers can do with them,” Wellman said.

The Bivy is available now, starting at $7,400 for mid-size trucks and $8,400 for full-size trucks. For more information on the Bivy, visit the OVRLND Campers website at www.campovrlnd.com.

About OVRLND Campers:

Started in 2018, OVRLND Campers are designed and built to maximize space, while being super light, repairable and highly modifiable. Every unit is hand-built in Flagstaff, Arizona. OVRLND Campers are built specifically for your truck using easily sourced materials, meaning you’ll never be scratching your head over how to repair or replace any proprietary parts.

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