Northwood Mfg Reveals New Wolf Creek Graphics With New 890 Model

Northwood Manufacturing just revealed its all-new graphics package for its 2022 Wolf Creek 890, 850, and 840 models. The Oregon-based company also announced that the brand-new Wolf Creek 890 truck camper is being shipped to top dealerships now.

“Our goal with this next generation graphics package was to ensure we preserved the now iconic and wildly popular Wolf Creek ‘Lone Wolf’ logo, while at the same time take it to the next level, doubling-down on our challenge to ‘Roam Where You Dare,'” explained Lance D. Rinker, Northwood Manufacturing Director of Purchasing and Marketing. “It is an acknowledgement to what our incredibly loyal and fast-growing Wolf Creek customer base stands for and truly embodies the spirit of Unlimited Adventuring. Wolf Creek owners have shown us again and again that they get out there early and often to ‘ROAM.'”

The release of the new Wolf Creek graphics package coincides with the release of the brand-new Wolf Creek 890 truck camper (owners are encouraged to send us photos of the new Wolf Creek 890 as soon as possible so we can update our growing database of campers). Aside from the new look, what makes the Wolf Creek 890 so welcome is the camper’s size and light weight—only 2,284 pounds dry, a welcome change for what is essentially a long-bed camper for 3/4-ton and one-ton trucks. Not only is the camper’s floor length generous, at 9 feet 1 inches long, but it also has decent size holding tanks with 31 gallons fresh, 32 gallons grey, and 30 gallons black. The Wolf Creek 890’s modern and attractive interior features a full-length kitchen on the driver side, a north-south queen-size bed forward, and a 40 x 70-inch dinette and wetbath on the passenger side. The wet-bath is located forward, making the interior feel more open and less claustrophobic.

Of course, the Wolf Creek 850 remains the company’s most popular model and still holds a top ranking here at Truck Camper Adventure. The dry weight of the camper is a svelte 2,008 pounds, a figure that puts it well within the payload ratings of most 3/4-ton trucks. The Wolf Creek 850’s 8-foot 8-inch floorplan features a north-south queen bed, a dinette long enough (78 inches) to sleep an adult; an excellent one-piece, molded wet-bath with a sink; a large kitchen with a 5-cubic foot refrigerator; and a sizable wardrobe. The camper also features a dual battery compartment and a heated basement, which houses fairly large holding tanks—27 gallons of fresh water, 19 gallons of grey, and 20 gallons of black, and two 5-gallon propane cylinders.

For those who are looking for a slightly smaller camper with an open floorplan, Northwood Manufacturing offers the excellent Wolf Creek 840 model, which features a floor length 2 inches shorter than the 850 and a wet-bath located on driver side forward. The dry weight of the Wolf Creek 840 is only 1,992 pounds, and features a heated basement where all three holding tanks are stored, 29 gallons fresh, 27 gallons grey, and 20 gallons black. Like the other models, the Wolf Creek 840 features a dual battery compartment and two 5-gallon propane cylinders.

All three Wolf Creek models feature a welded, aluminum-frame, one-piece, Corona-treated fiberglass, polyurethane-laminated multi-layer substrate walls, and high-density block foam insulation. Each comes with the mandatory Wolf Pack “option” which includes a refrigerator “cold weather kit,” allowing for operation down 0F temperatures, a Phatt heavy-gauge ladder, and a rear view camera. Each model is available for both short-bed and long-bed trucks. Northwood Manufacturing’s best options include Torklift’s excellent Fox Landing Step, thermal pane windows, an Onan 2500 LP generator (short-box models only), side storage boxes (short-box models only), and a 170 watt solar power system. Unfortunately, none of the Wolf Creeks offer a cassette toilet as an option.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the all your articles – I’m writing about the 2021 Wolf Creek article. It’s a camper I’m interested in and window shopped.
    When quoting the 840 and 850 dry weights ~2k & 1.9k lbs. respectively, you need to let people know the real dry wt. must include the 300+ lbs for the so called “mandatory option package”.
    Some time ago I called the mfr. and they confirmed the weight of the mandatory option package is not included in aforementioned listed 840, 850 weights.
    (probably same for 890) Sneaky IMO.
    The site articles do a great job talking payloads vs. camper weights. This is something that should always be mentioned when talking wolf creek.
    (too lazy to get my brochures, but arctic fox may also use similar obfuscation)
    Mike A

  2. The links to the Wolf Creek 850 and Wolf Creek840 take me to “Toms Camper Land.” They don’t show the Wolf Creek models as something they carry.

    • Hi Bruce,
      Tom’s Camperland sells both the Arctic Fox and Wolf Creek brands. I’ve seen them on their lot. They are listed under Northwood Manufacturing.

  3. I’m going to find out if these look good without the accents. I’m starting to have my doubts. I ordered mine with just the logo, sans the graphics.

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