‘No Dirty Air Mobile’ Promises Sanitized, Fresh-Smelling RV

Created 2c, a Lansing, Michigan-based firm, has introduced a compact product called No Dirty Air Mobile which, company officials say, is designed to sanitize and deodorize the air inside an RV. According to the press release, the secret lies in the No Dirty Air Mobile’s two-stage system that leverages activated oxygen and ultraviolet light (UV) technology to bring a mobile, versatile air cleaning system to RVing consumers. And since activated oxygen is heavier than ambient air, the system goes beyond just cleaning the air, but can also disinfect surfaces in areas surrounding the unit.

“The RV lifestyle has always been about freedom to explore this great country and spend great times with family and friends. In the current environment, we also want to enjoy this freedom with confidence in our health and safety and the No Dirty Air Mobile can give you that confidence, anytime, anywhere,” said John Sztykiel, co-founder of Created 2c. “We developed No Dirty Air based on proven technology of activated oxygen and UV light, which have been known for their cleaning and disinfecting properties for more than a century. Our activated oxygen/UV light technology that removes odors has a tremendous disinfecting benefit against, viruses, bacteria and other microbes, which are often the source of the odors we sense in the air. These benefits have generated strong interest and orders from RV manufacturers, dealer and consumers since we have introduced the No Dirty Air Mobile.”

No Dirty Air Mobile is designed to effectively process and clean 4.65 cubic feet per minute of air in offices, kitchens, bathrooms, autos, RVs, boats or any occupied space of 500 to 2,000 cubic feet in size. This means you can activate the No Dirty Air Mobile before you leave in the morning and by the time you return at the end of the day, the air in your unit will be clean and disinfected. And utilizing two units can cut the cleaning and disinfecting time in half. And since the system is mobile, when you return home from your vacation, you can move the unit to other vehicles to clean them as well. With this product, your truck camper will no longer smell like sweaty shoes after a hike, or reek of fish after cooking a delicious dinner of fried trout.

The No Dirty Air Mobile system was designed for ambient air sanitizing and disinfecting that can be used to treat the air and surfaces in your home, office or vehicle to remove odors and attack harmful microbes. The technology inside No Dirty Air Mobile incorporates two of the most natural atmospheric cleansers, ultraviolet light and activated oxygen within its two-stage system. No Dirty Air Mobile circulates air through the first stage of treatment, the activated oxygen reaction chamber. This stage oxidizes carbon-based pollutants, airborne allergens, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and attacks viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew. The second stage of treatment uses an ultraviolet light to further treat the air as well as lower the activated oxygen levels exiting the unit.

No Dirty Air Mobile is small, measuring 2x3x5 inches, and weighs less than 1 pound. The two-stage, filter free unit is able to fit in a purse, backpack, travel bag, or briefcase. The filtration unit can be powered either by using the enclosed 110 volt AC or 12 volts DC power cords, making it perfect for use while off-grid. The ambient activated oxygen produced by No Dirty Air Mobile has been tested to be below the acceptable standards set by OSHA and NIOSH for exposure over an 8-hour time frame in a ventilated space larger than 42 square feet. The unit is made in the USA.

“With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we realized that No Dirty Air Mobile has been designed to use nature’s atmospheric disinfectant to clean the air,” added Joni Sztykiel, co-founder of Created 2c. “The ability to attack viruses and other microbes in a convenient way has never been more acutely needed than in the current environment. We want to be sure that the shelter we provide our families is clean, healthy and has all the resources we need to live pure lives. These same desires come with us when we take our homes on the road in an RV—we want them to be clean, safe and healthy for our families.”

Truck Camper Adventure is currently evaluating the No Dirty Air Mobile. Look for a review on this product soon. For more information about No Dirty Air and No Dirty Water products, contact John Sztykiel at 517-230-3716 or by email at john@created2c.com.

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  1. From the description, this is simply an ozone generator utilizing UV light. The thing that bothers me is that ozone is not mentioned anywhere in the description.
    I have a more powerful ozone generator I use for the purposes described but utilize it when the area is NOT occupied. I would not risk operating even a small ozone generator is a space I am occupying.

  2. I also await a review of this product. I hope, that it is not an attempt to just take advantage of a situation and people’s re-found fear of viruses. Not sure how this is different from your standard air purifiers. For this company to back up it’s press release, hopefully there is some experimental data that backs it up, not just anecdotal or theory.

  3. I live 30 minutes from Lansing, MI. I’ll definitely be looking into this product. Nothing worse than the smell of opening up a T/C that’s been sitting closed up all winter.

  4. Mike.. if this company 2c knows anything about sanitizing and freshening the air in a camper maybe they could do something about the undrinkable lead contaminated water in Lansing which now eclipses Detroit as the armpit of Michigan.

    • Bill, I think it would be prudent to remain on topic. This is a Truck Camper Forum, not a political forum.

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