New Video: The Climb Up Murphy Hogsback (Part II)

Truck Camper Adventure is proud to present, The Climb Up Murphy Hogsback (Part II). Part I of this epic climb was posted last week and has been a big hit with readers and viewers. Unlike the last video, this video includes footage of the entire climb so that those who are interested can see everything from start to finish. The climb up Murphy Hogsback was one of the many highlights of the recently concluded three-day trip on the White Rim Trail at Canyonlands National Park. As you can see in the video, the climb is fairly steep and requires 4×4 low to get to the top. The video was taken with a Go Pro camera mounted to the windshield of my Ram 3500 pickup truck. The musical score, “Mars: The Bringer of War,” by Gustav Holst, adds suspense and intensity to an already thrilling video. Enjoy!

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