Mortons on the Move in Alaska

Lance Camper has partnered with YouTube full-time RV influencers “Mortons on the Move” web series chronicling traveling through Canada to the Arctic Ocean in an 1172 Truck Camper. The series was announced in March of 2019 at the RVX show and officially began in April of that same year. Looking back after over eight months of content, with episodes still running, the series has enjoyed great success.

“We had always dreamed of traveling to Alaska in a truck camper, and it was awesome to be able to partner with Lance Campers to fulfill that dream through the Go North Project. The Lance 1172 truck camper enabled all the remote, dirt-road exploration we desired, including the 500+mile trip up the gravel Dempster Highway all the way to the Arctic Ocean. It also provided a comfortable home and work space for the entire 6 months we were on the road. It was easy to showcase the versatility of this truck camper in our 20-episode video series, as it consistently met and exceeded all our expectations for exploring the North. It is truly an Alaska-tough rig!” Caitlin and Tom Morton, Mortons on the Move

With two episodes remaining to be released and 18 available the series has totaled nearly 1.2 million views so far. With installments ranging from 14 to 30 minutes and a total run time of just under six hours the series is very binge worthy for those who have yet to tune in. Highlights so far include: Denali and Banff National Park, The Dalton Highway, The Northern Lights, amusing trouble with wildlife and so much more.

“Heading North to Alaska is a very aspirational trip for many RVers including Lance Travel Trailer and Truck Camper owners and enthusiasts. We have always believed the Truck Camper is the ideal RV for the job.” Said Lance Camper Marketing Director Bob Rogers. “What the Morton’s have created is not just a ‘lifestyle’ trip to Alaska but an informative and fun roadmap to an amazing adventure, truck camper ownership and RV travel. We couldn’t be happier to see it gathering so much attention on YouTube.”

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  1. Great video’s, and well done. A must watch for every truck camper is Episode 9, on the Canol Rd. They ran in to a problem we were made aware of from a TCer bud from BC: porcupines! The Mortons had an almost catastrophic encounter in the middle of the night. They were prepared and recovered in a very remote area. One thing porcupines love more than wiring is brake lines. The prevention is pretty easy – measure all around your vehicle, and buy enough chicken wire to enclose the bottom, with come overlap at the ends. Secure the bottom of the wire large rocks. Take care not to scratch the paint with the top of the wire. Maybe some duct tape along the top edge. In this case, an ounce is worth a ton of cure.

  2. I remember back when I read the announcement and now the follow up article. I have not seen any of the footage so far but it looks like something I would enjoy. Lance picked a great couple for this project. There well groomed good looks along with there clear upbeat description of the trip many of us would love to do plays a big part of the attention they have attracted. The high end well balanced rig only adds to the excitement of the footage. I applaud Lance for spending some of there advertising budget to promote projects like this one.

    I am only 7 months out from retirement and plan on owning two rigs in order to do all the things I have on my bucket list. Personally, I am more excited about finally owning a well built truck camper and pulling a fishing boat into the back roads of the states I am interested in than pulling a new 5’er down the interstates and lodging in full service camp grounds large enough to accommodate 40 footers. Don’t get me wrong, I will enjoy both types of adventure but there is no doubt in my mind that the simple, less expensive truck/camper/boat combo will bring more smiles to my face since it will allow me to pursue the types of adventures I have been focused on for 40 years.

  3. Nice article. I’ve followed the Mortons for a couple of years and was excited when this trip was announced. My wife and I have watched every episode, which has helped me convince her to get rid of our Class C and go back to a truck camper.

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