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      For the OP,
      What jefe4x4 says here is real. I also have almost identical rig he has and can verify. I have a light Milner on mine, loaded pushing 2200lb with a 4300lb payload.
      I have one thing to ad though.
      If you think you might tow a trailer while the camper is on, go with the 4.3.
      I sometimes tow a 6×12 cargo trailer or a sxs with a 18ft car trailer.
      I been up and down the sierras and cascades a number of times and can not even tell I am pulling and hauling. (The Godzilla and that 10 speed trans with tow/haul is great)
      Remember tongue weight on trailer is approximately 10% of total trailer weight, you need to know your trailer weight and tongue weight.

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      Thanks Mike / Jefe

      The spring on the left side just lost its lift. I had the dealer replace with OEM. They would not give me my old springs “warranty work we have to send them back to Ford.” I will look into the stable loads.
      I am in EDH. I am going to try to make it to the rally in Feb.
      I just put the camper back on the truck and it snowed up top of mtns. yesterday, lol.
      Hopefully get to meet you you all soon.

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      Thanks for the info Jefe,

      I just had my left leaf spring fail on my 2021 F-350 7.3 SRW. 4.30 XLT super cab reg bed. 4218 payload-camper and plow pkg.
      A few weeks ago i lowered the camper on the truck for a trip and noticed a half inch difference in height from left to right side.
      Dealer will order new set left and right under warranty.
      I would like to ask if you do not mind, should i stay with OEM or forget about them and go after market? If so any recommendations? and where? I am in the the Northern Cal./Nv. area.
      I have 2021 Milner on the back, dry 1850 wet 2350 .
      I was thinking- try the OEM one more time cause these springs should easily handle this set up. Am I wrong in thinking that?

      Other then this issue I love the rig so far

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      Thanks again everyone, everything was a great help.
      Got back safe. All went well.

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      Thanks all, I enjoy reading it all and take notes.
      I for sure will not be in a hurry. I do like to take my time.
      Anyway I do understand the need for “short shake” out Trips. But at the same time the picking up the camper will be 1100 miles away so short is out of the question but I do plan on spending a few extra days heading back.
      It will have 200w of solar,2-6v agm, MPPT and 2000w inverter. I am thinking of a DC to DC charger also though. F-350 SRW.
      The drive if itself is a big part of what I was wondering about. I have towed boats, trailers, and the sort. So how is hauling a big 5 ft high box (popup) in back different (or is it?) from a 25 ft trailer? I think it would be easier but things that come to mind are turnbuckles (how often you check them?) sway? wind? Anything to look out for or be on notice for? space is limited back there now, what might be ideas for recommended essentials? (for the truck and camper)
      When towing I was able to fill the back of truck and the trailer with pretty much whatever I wanted. A big part of going with a TC was not be so bogged down with stuff.
      I have had yards of gravel in my truck before but these TCs are high. If it will be similar to towing I got it covered.
      But yes 1st haul with a TC and it will be across the Southern Rockys in February, that will be fun. It is a go!
      Thanks again.

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