Loki Releases New Icarus 8-Ford F350 Rig With Custom Utility Bed

Canada-based Loki Expedition will soon release a turn-key rig consisting of its superb Icarus 8 with a Ford F350 outfitted with the Loki’s own utility bed. Constructed using a fiberglass shell reinforced with an aluminum structure, this unique adventure vehicle includes all of the necessary accessories that will make you appreciate every single one of your adventures. According to the company’s website, the rig will be available for purchase in June 2023.

“We are thrilled about this release,” said Pierre-Mathieu Roy, President and Creative Director of Loki Expedition. “The Icarus Adventure truck has been redesigned to include more storage and advanced technology, making it a more comprehensive platform. This latest build represents the latest development in the ongoing improvement of the Icarus product line.”

Loki’s exclusive utility truck bed systems greatly increases the storage capacity to stow equipment. Your sports, fishing, overlanding and even luggage equipment will find their place within the cargo bays. The roof rack will also allow you to transport your largest equipment, such as a kayak.

The Icarus Series is ready to confront all of the temperatures that Mother Nature has in store due to its four-season insulation made from a double density synthetic composite. The AC and high efficiency heating unit will maintain comfortable temperatures for a long period of time thanks to its massive lithium batteries and solar panels.

Outdoor enthusiasts can profit from advanced technology with its inverter and 2000-watt charger, LED lighting, various electrical outlets (12 volt, 15 amp and USB), Garmin’s smart management system, a UV water filter, heated floor and much more.

Enter through the mudroom, remove your wet and dirty clothes and go directly to the removable indoor shower. This space is also converted into a table and a seat. After a great day outdoors, what could be better than a multi-functional lounge area with a removable aluminum platform where you can relax, work or review your created content of the day.

The dinette space with a high-end ergonomic counter, stainless steel sink with a foldable faucet and induction cooktop would be perfect for preparing meals directly in the comfort of your Loki. The collapsible bed platform allows you to maximize the use of the interior during the day. At night, simply re-deploy the platform to enjoy the comfort of a double size bed. The bed platform can also serves as a cargo plate to attach your gear while your head to your next destination.

The integration of a 270 degree awning allows you to protect yourself from rain or snow to maximize your outdoor time. Imagine yourself on the edge of a lake, near the mountains, admiring nature by opening rear doors, and unrolling the full-size mosquito net.

This Icarus is installed on an Iconic Carbonized Grey 2021 Ford F350 pickup, included in the set, Warn Ascent Bumper and winch, 35×12.5R20 Falken Wildpeak All-Terrain tires,  HD Trackbar, and a 3-inch Lift Kit with Fox Shocks and Firestone Air Bags.

This self-sufficient, adventure rig will allow you to discover unknown territories, be near your favorite place to practice your sport or become a perfect base camp for staying several days off-grid.

Contact Loki Expedition today to order this complete package or simply the Icarus unit if you already have a truck. Loki’s custom cargo bed system can also be added to your project.

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