Lance Partners With HappiJac to Create Educational Videos

As part of its continuing effort in create branded video content, Lance Campers has partnered with Lippert Components/HappiJac to create two new videos. The first and longer of the two is an educational overview on the operation and function of the jack system, while the second is a short high-level feature advantage benefit style introduction to the HappiJac electric jacks featured on Lance Campers.

“Video is an invaluable tool to educate and inform,” stated Lance’s Director of Marketing, Bob Rogers. “We are excited and pleased to work in partnership with Lippert Components/HappiJac to promote both of our quality brands not to mention the truck camping lifestyle.”

This content will be distributed through all of Lance’s social channels and is meant to serve as both an introduction to the nuances of loading and unloading a truck camper for prospective customers as well as a source for owners to learn more about the operation and if needed, troubleshooting of their jacks.

The two videos can be viewed below:

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  1. Well, I will take this opportunity to weigh in with my opinion, both pro and con. Living in California, Lance was the obvious brand that I first saw that sparked my interest in truck campers. There 1172 model with two places to sit and watch television along with a dry bath, side door and a generally good lay out has long since been my top choice. The new optional graphics look great and I commend Lance for using video to assist there customer base.

    Now for my learned opinion. Back a few years ago I settled on two models. The 1172 was my favorite but it was really hard to pass on the AF1140. I realize they are different, but for me, the couch was not worth 20 grand. Make your conclusions from here as to what I chose.

    Lance enjoys an iconic name when it comes to truck campers, much like Winnebago. However I believe they could do a much better job. Web searches will quickly reveal the poor quality of there slide components. There is easily a handful of other things to bitch about but for me the worst has to be there customer service. Unless all the reviews are lying I believe Lance could do so much more to justify there lofty prices.

    I think in general, the RV industry has lost touch with it’s mission statement. Profit should never be the main reason for running a company. Buying an RV for most family’s is one of there largest investments. Ending up with a poorly built or inferior RV will surely ruin the future vacations of the unlucky owner, not to mention all the memories that the kids could have enjoyed for a life time.

    I could say so much more, but there is really no point. Fortunately, not all RV’s are built the same. For those of you who can embrace the acronym KISS, “Keep it simple stupid” there are still a few good choices. Northstar always comes to mind when I think about this subject. For me, owning a camper that is built to last 20 plus years is the most important criteria. Lance could learn a lot by understanding why Northstar has been in business for over 60 years producing campers with very little bling. Aluminum and fiberglass walls along with slides and basements are nice, but only if they are without issue for the long term. Until the industry can get it right, I will stick with the basic’s and make do.

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