Lance Camper Announces ReviewsMax Dealer Tool

Lance Camper Mfg. Corp. recently announced the addition of the ReviewsMax digital marketing tool to its vast network of dealers.

“ReviewsMax is a straightforward user-based app that allows our dealers to survey their customers about satisfaction with the dealer sales or service experience and leave a ‘review’ (the 1-5 star rating system) on any of the leading sites that incorporate reviews including Google, Yelp, Facebook and Yellow Pages,” states Bob Rogers, Director of Marketing for Lance.

According to the press release, Lance’s partner for their latest digital initiative is OnTarget, a digital marketing agency that specializes in On-Line Reputation Management for businesses and dealers in the automotive and RV markets.

“Positive word of mouth is simply the best marketing a company can get, and fortunately many of our dealers provide best-in-class customer service, adds Rogers. Utilizing the ReviewsMax app, our dealers can now easily obtain and post this invaluable messaging for prospective customers to see.”

The ReviewsMax app and survey—sent via text and email—also provides dealers critical and timely information for areas in need of improvement. This offers an opportunity to turn a negative customer experience offline into a positive one, that can then be used online, leading to repeat customers and new business referrals, which would otherwise be lost.

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  1. I’m glad Lance is taking a proactive approach to promoting and improving there product. Unfortunately I strongly disagree with there approach. The whole plan sounds like blah blah blah. I personally have only been involved with truck campers since 2015, but in those 4 years I have learned a great deal.

    I started my adventure ironically at a Lance dealer. The education began immediately. The 1172 with it’s great lay out became my primary focus. Having an opposing dinette along with a couch and a dry bath was the ticket for me. The Host Everest shares some of the same options but when weight and cost is a concern, the Host is going in the wrong direction. I was looking for a choice and found Artic Fox. There largest models don’t offer a couch but they cost over 20 grand less. Take note Lance. Yeah Yeah I know one has two slides and the other only offers one but again, where talking over 20 grand. I guess Lance feels like a second slide warrants there there absurd price. This is my first issue with Lance. Quality quality quality is my second major problem with my home state builder. One only needs to spend some time on the internet and read what so many people say about after sales attention given to paying customers by Lance. Personally I quickly became disenchanted by the hate that is written on owner review forums. Slide issue’s and delamb problems were just some of the problems customers contended with.

    I could go on all night because I have so much passion for RV’s. With retirement on the horizon my choices for a full time rig are few and far between regardless of the price. The industry in my opinion needs to address R&D issue’s as well as production problems. I compare our domestic cars and trucks built in the 80’s to the the RV industry. That’s not a complement! Aluminum frames are the ticket for fast and high profit rigs these days but along with them comes the enormous problem of delambanation. Slides have changed the industry with there ability to add room without adding length, but who the hell wants one that will not work with precision and reliably. Lance could learn a lot from Rex over at Northstar. With there wood framed walls that are not prone to separation and there simple approach to building a quality camper Rex is thriving in a competitive market, slide or no slide. Image that, and they don’t even have to pay a mouth piece to deal with the public. Amazing, simply amazing.

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