Lance 1172 Flagship Double-Slide Still a Top Seller

The undisputed heavyweight of the industry, Lance Campers continues to sell more truck campers than any other company in the world. They also offer more floor plans for a wide variety of trucks than any other manufacturer. One of the company’s best-selling models is the Lance 1172, a double-slide, long-bed camper made for one-ton, dual rear wheel trucks. Known as Lance’s “Flagship” due to being the company’s largest truck camper, the 1172 was Lance’s best selling camper for many years until the diminutive Lance 650 bumped it in 2021 as the company’s best-seller. But truth be told, the margin between the 650 and 1172 wasn’t that large, the 1172 is still a top-seller in a very competitive truck camper marketplace.

It isn’t difficult to see why this 4,700-pound luxury camper is so popular. The nearly 12-foot-long floorplan features a large dry bath and a galley with a flip-up counter extension on the passenger side, and a dinette “super-slide” with 6 cubic foot refrigerator on the driver side. Giant windows and skylights bathe the interior of the 1172 for a light and airy experience. The rear wall slide-out comes with a sofa incliner with leg extension “kick-ups” for greater comfort. Better yet the 1172 features massive holding tanks with 42 gallons fresh, 35 gallons grey, and 35 gallons of black, an optional second battery compartment for extended time off-grid, and two 7-pound propane tanks. This is truck camper living at its finest, though you will need a one-ton dually at a minimum to haul this luxury hotel around. To learn more about the Lance 1172 and why its a top seller, we spoke with Lance Director of Marketing, Bob Rogers, to find out.

Thanks, Bob, for talking with us. What in your opinion makes the Lance 1172 such a big seller?

Bob Rogers: Lance is the top-dog in offering the right-sized models, at the right weight, in floor plans that have proven to be the most functional in the market. With its dinette and rear slide-out configuration, the 1172 is an industry-leading dual-slide truck camper due to its traditional layout, combined with Lance’s years of quality and innovative materials to save weight allowing for maximum space while still feeling comfortable on a one-ton truck. As a result, it has become the favored solution for the hard-core truck camper enthusiast.

Do you have an official square footage rating for the 1172 with the two slide-outs extended?

Bob Rogers: As a matter of fact, we do Mike! The 1172 has just a bit over 180 total square feet when both slides are extended. Not bad for a camper sitting in the bed of a pickup truck!

Lance 1172 floorplan

We agree. We’ve heard that Lance has made upgrades to the camper in 2022? What are they?

Bob Rogers: Lots! The excitement centers around three all-new gorgeous interior decor options labeled “Grayson” (Gray), “Bronzite” (Brown) and “Lapis” (Blue), a lengthy list of product enhancements including solid surface countertops, smart TV’s, cell signal booster, as well as the simplification of ordering combinations with over twenty optional features being made standard. This makes ordering much easier and also results in the most accurate MSRP labels in the market in terms of both pricing and weights.

Beginning in 2022, the following features are now standard, including a new “Driftwood” overhead door design, a new solid-surface galley countertop, all-new flooring, a new wall finish, new slide-out trim facia designs, new Euro windows, an enhanced “Mountain Scene” graphics package, an all-new black exterior accent package, a new diamond stitched cushion design, and a new Coleman Mach 11 air conditioner with soft start.

In 2022, the following optional features are now standard, including a four-season weather package, a swing-out assist handle, electric jacks, a microwave oven, LED side patio lights, a three burner HO range with oven, docking lights, a battery separator, a 12 volt/USB outlet in the dinette, an exterior propane connection, a powered 12-foot side awning, an LED TV, a second battery compartment, a Fan-tastic Fan, an entry door pull shade, day/night shades, and a keyless entry. Brand-new optional features include the Torklift Glo-Step and a new LTE/Cell Signal Booster.

We love the dual thermopane windows now being offered. Why did Lance decide to go with that style of window?

Bob Rogers: We love them too!! We have been using the same type of window on select models of our travel trailer product line for a few years, and our customers love them. They retain the great features of the glass windows they replace, such as the four-season performance, full-length screens, and privacy shades, as well as the dark tinting. The new windows have the added benefits of opening wider, providing exceptional ventilation, a “vent lock” position allowing you to lock the window while retaining a small opening for ventilation while retaining security, all at less weight. I believe this is why this type of window is widely preferred in Europe and becoming so popular in the States.

We love the upgraded graphics too. Can you tell us more about the package?

Bob Rogers: The Mountain Scene graphics have been a hit since introducing them on our SEMA 650 show build a few years back. They are just a great alternative to the traditional RV “swoops and swirls” graphics. We think the mountain scene really exemplifies the spirit that has been so core to the truck camper enthusiast. This year’s design adds a touch of contemporary edge to an already great design and keeps our competitors chasing in an attempt to keep up!

We noticed that Lance is now using black exterior accents. Why did Lance decide to go in that direction?

Bob Rogers: Black accents started-as a trend in the industry primarily on more “sport” and “off-road” oriented product and have transitioned to the more traditional product over the last couple of years. We think they really look good and compliment the new graphics well.

Which make of electric jacks does Lance use?

Bob Rogers: We are using Happijac electric jacks and feature them as standard equipment on all of our models for 2022.

Standard battery compartment located under the front step.

What options do you offer for lithium batteries and solar? What’s the largest solar power system you’ve seen installed on this camper?

Bob Rogers: Lance offers one or two lithium batteries and one or two 100 watt roof-mounted solar panels as optional equipment on the 1172. I am not sure what the largest system I have ever seen on the 1172, but I have seen a killer solar set up on an 855S with four 100 amp hour lithium batteries, two 100 watt and one 190 watt roof-mounted solar panels, and a 3,000 watt inverter that was able to run the air conditioner for hours on end!

What is the maximum sleeping capacity for families in the 1172?

Bob Rogers: Depending on the size of the occupants, the 1172 can accommodate up to six between the three sleeping areas, including the queen-size bed in the overhead area, the convertible dinette area, and finally, the rear sofa area.

It seems like the 1172 has more storage. Was this something that Lance designers specifically targeted?

Bob Rogers: Storage has been a priority for Lance product designers since day one, but yes, it is amazing after all these years, our design and sales staff, as well as our customers, continue to find new space and different ways to configure the current area to accommodate more storage. We also go to great lengths to find components and features that are more compact, allowing us more flexibility with the remaining space.

Can you tell us more about the slide-out mechanism used by Lance?

Bob Rogers: We use electric slide-out mechanisms from Lippert and, depending on the slide-out room configuration, use either an “in-wall” system or a “floor-mount” configuration. In the 1172, we use the in-wall system on the rear couch slide out and the floor mount system for the dinette slide-out which work great for these scenarios.

We love the Lance 1172. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about the camper?

Bob Rogers: Oh yea! I think the new decors look amazing. They are light, current, and just plain great looking. People are also very excited about the all-new ultra quiet Onan 2500 watt propane generator and quieter air conditioner. I must also tell you how amazingly comfortable the 1172 is to camp in. It might be our largest offering, however it is still every bit as mobile as any truck camper. Perfect for the weekend warrior, the national park explorer, or the full-timer. Truck Camper Adventure readers should check out the Morton’s on the Move who share their adventures traveling in a 1172 to Alaska and/or Carl Jocumsen who fishes the professional BASS circuit—resulting in more nights in a truck camper with his dog and wife than many of have accomplished in our best years!

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  1. Host Mammoth vs Lance 1172, we chose Host hands down. Not sure why TCM doesn’t report on Host? I suspect Host’s refusing to place ads has something to do with it. Those shopping should look closely at Host

  2. With the MONSTER price increase after 2021 units went into effect, I no longer see the 1172 as any sort of value versus a Host unit with similar production weights. $20,000 is a lot more, with almost no real differences but scratch ridden poly windows and the loss of the back window adjacent to the slide.

  3. The picture showing the camper on the truck with the jacks lowered on the ground to stabilize or level the camper will void the structural warranty on many manufacturers’ warranties.

  4. When are truck campers going to put a queen bed on the main floor. Make one of the slides a fold up qeen bed and then when slide out, queen bed drops down. momma isnt liking crawling up anymore at our age. Thanks

  5. Unfortunately the picture of the interior is not a 2022 model as Lance has eliminated the side window between the sofa and dinette. Why?

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