Kingstar’s Hitch Pack is a Clever Truck Camper Storage Solution

The lack of storage space has vexed truck camper owners for decades. The reason is obvious—the camper sits where camping gear and firewood are typically stored, in the bed of the truck. While many attempts have been made to solve this vexing problem, most have been found wanting due to size limitations and cost. Sure, you can tow a small trailer, but doing so imposes numerous constraints for adventurers. One product that caught our attention recently is a new product called the Hitch Pack by truck camper manufacturer, Kingstar. The Hitch Pack is truly innovative and quite unlike any other truck camper accessory ever built. It was designed to not only provide lots of storage, but also works as a step to safely access your truck camper.

The Hitch Pack is loaded with features. It comes with two slide-out drawers, a pull-out step, four-wire integrated safety lights, a license plate mount with night lighting, and a 2.5-inch receiver that can be used to mount either a bike rack or spare tire mount. The drawers are large enough to store a Honda EU2200i generator and small BBQ grill. It also has enough room to store four small Coleman LP bottles and two RotoPax 2.5-gallon fuel cans. The Hitch Pack mounts in any standard 2.5-inch hitch receiver and can be adapted to fit 2-inch and 3-inch receivers as well. The unit can be raised or lowered 3 inches to accommodate trucks and campers of various heights. For example, the low step height for the 2020 Ford F-350 4×4 Dually is 15 inches while the high step height is 18 inches.

The Kingstar Hitch Pack is constructed of a heavy 3.5-inch gauge steel sub-frame skinned with a 3/16-inch raw diamond plate for added strength, durability, and good looks. It includes adequate storage ventilation so that generators, propane bottles, and other flammables can be safely stored. The Hitch Pack is approximately 5-feet long and 18 inches tall and weighs approximately is 200 pounds. Unfortunately, due to it’s height and size, it may not be compatible with some truck campers, especially for campers already outfitted with a rear bumper and steps. In fact, as you can see from the photographs below neither camper is equipped with a rear bumper making then perfectly compatible with the Hitch Pack.

Kingstar Hitch Pack on a Palomino truck camper.
Kingstar Hitch Pack with Tower.
Kingstar Hitch Pack showing pull-out tray for generator and portable gas tank.

For additional storage, the Hitch Pack can be outfitted with a removable Tower on the passenger side. The standard Hitch Pack Tower configuration, with the Hitch Pack, includes a shelf on top with a rod for hanging clothes. For Cowboys and Cowgirls, the Hitch Pack Tower can further be configured with one or two saddle holders for $195 each. The tower consists of a 1×1-inch frame overlayed with a 1/8-inch smooth aluminum. The approximate Hitch Pack Tower weight is 150 pounds empty for a total of 350 pounds for the basic Hitch Pack and Tower.

We think you’ll agree that the Kingstar Hitch Pack is a clever truck camper storage solution. It’s a great way to safely and securely store a generator and your favorite grill, while at the same time providing a firm footing to the door of your camper. It’s true that weight can be a consideration for some trucks (and some backs), and that off-roading will be limited with the departure angle compromised, but that’s not what the Hitch Pack was designed to do. It was designed to store basic items using a standard rear hitch mount. The Hitch Pack is perfect for adventures on pavement and for those who enjoy off-road forays that are less arduous and extreme.

The Hitch Pack sells for $2,095, while the Hitch Pack Tower add-on lists for an additional $1,195. The learn more about the Kingstar Hitch Pack, the Hitch Pack Tower, and the Kingstar Camino 88 Camper, visit the Kingstar website at For the Hitch Pack, please allow up to four weeks for delivery. Taxes plus shipping are not included in the list price.

Kingstar Tower


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  1. I like your product reviews. This is an interesting item but I don’t see going far from paved roads with that thing hanging out back there! Looks pretty solid and I can see where it would really appeal to some folks. However, my kneejerk reaction is, “Carry less stuff.”

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