Go Fast Campers Claims New Platform Topper is Strongest Ever

GoFastCampers (GFC), quality maker of lightweight truck toppers, just announced the release of the strongest truck topper ever made that the company is calling the Platform Topper. How much stronger is its new Platform Topper? Strong enough to carry a 4,500-pound Ford F250 on the topper’s roof. It’s also the only truck topper that instantly converts into a portable cabana.

“The Platform Topper enables truck owners to carry anything, securely, and access it easily,” says GFC founder and CEO Wiley Davis. “Our obsessive attention to detail, billet parts, and space frame chassis deliver a level of strength and longevity never before seen in this space. Every other truck topper is now obsolete.”

The Go Fast Camper Platform Topper is so strong that it exceeds the static carrying capacity of the bed rails on any pickup truck. For this test, the company had to reinforce the bed of a Toyota Tacoma with 500 pounds of steel in order to match the strength of the Topper, and to enable it to carry a 4,500-pound Ford F250 on the Topper’s roof. To demonstrate how much stronger it is, GFC then repeated that test on a fiberglass topper.

And, at $3,995, the GFC Platform Topper comes in only slightly more expensive than heavier, weaker, less durable toppers made from fiberglass, and is less expensive than heavier, weaker, less durable aluminum or steel toppers. At 135 pounds, when sized for a short-bed Tacoma, the Platform Topper is also lighter than the hard-shell competition.

The Platform Topper achieves that lightweight strength by employing a tubular aluminum space frame reinforced with billet aluminum parts. That spreads loads evenly across the entire perimeter of a pickup truck’s bed. All connections in that space frame are bolted rather than welded, eliminating the potential for stress fractures.

Up top, a pressure-formed aluminum load halo supports a 1-inch thick thermoplastic honeycomb roof panel. That panel is translucent, allowing light to enter the topper, while reflecting solar radiation and providing insulation, which helps keep loads from overheating. The load halo includes T-track accessory mounting rails on all four sides, allowing owners to mount lights, awnings, tools, or other accessories. The T-track also supports up to four of GFC’s Beef Rack crossbars, which each offer 200 pounds of dynamic load, and also feature T-track on top, and underneath, enabling even more accessory mounting options. For instance, the Beef Racks can carry solar panel trays underneath, while still allowing loads to be carried on top.

Hinged at the top, locking aluminum panels provide total access to all areas of the bed. Open, those panels form something GFC calls, “cabana mode,” providing shelter from sun and rain.

The GFC Platform Topper will be custom-sized for each specific make and model of pickup. At launch, supported trucks include the current generation Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, and Jeep Gladiator. Those will be followed shortly by the Ford F150 (including the EV Lightning). Most other popular trucks will follow, as customer demand dictates.

Interested in purchasing a topper or seeing one made available for your truck? Visit the Go Fast Campers website at GoFastCampers.com.

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