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      Just a thought without an answer, but it seems we all send a great deal of time discussing suspension mods to reduce sway along with COG front to rear in the bed, but the contribution height makes to sway and wind resistance never comes up.

      While the most common statement offered is the majority of weight in a truck camper is down low, that says nothing about the surface area exposed to the wind. I wish. Alaskan had more competitors capable of achieving a lower profile in the wind. It was really incredible yesterday running down to the Keys and watching our mileage drop from 10 mpg all the way down to 8.6 in a strong headwind. I have a hunch our Hallmark would have done better.

      Steve and Andra
      2012 F350 6.2 gasser SRW LB
      Fab Fours front and rear in case we run into a rhino
      2019 Northstar Laredo SC

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      Mello Mike

      That’s a great question, Steve. I thought the same thing.

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      I’ve noticed that on our N* (the same one as Ardvark has) wind is THE determining factor with mileage drop or gain.
      On the way to Quartzsite, and after gassing up at Pahrump NV we got a pretty good tailwind and it was slightly downhill. After 121 miles the lie-o-meter on the truck said 17 mpg. For a 10K pound, loaded truck camper? The proof in the pudding was on the return leg of the trip where we had a headwind and it was slightly uphill.
      11.1 mpg. Our usual overall average is 12.6 mpg.
      I just don’t know how you could isolate or even measure the causative effect of wind or vertical center of gravity besides mpg.
      jefe de nada

      2020 Ford F-350 XLT FX4 4WD SRW SB SC 7.3L Godzilla Gas TorqShift 10R140 397 amps dual Alt dual batts Frnt Dana 60; Rr Dana M275 E-locker 4.30's 4580/4320/4066# payload 7243# curb wt. 11,300# GVWR 5-er prepped. 2020 Northstar Laredo SC, 12v compressor fridge, cassette, 320w Solar sub zero insulation.

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      Steve, I feel your pain but we are all in the same boat. The cost to modify a rig in order to squeeze an extra 40 miles a tank is usually ridiculous. My only options are to always dump and travel when ever possible in the morning. Looking at your rig and Jefe4x4 rig reveals one big difference. 2012 vs 2020. Having a new truck is always nice but the cost IMO is too much if all you want is 10% more mileage. I will stick my neck out and offer a solution. Here goes, why not elect a leader who gives us 2 dollar gas rather than 5 dollar gas.

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