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      who uses Fog lights? / Hella 500 / OEM connector->F350

      Hi all

      So I am curious to know how often do people use Fog lights?

      I live in the midwest now (just moved here) and if I was camping, and the fog was really bad… I would wait it out.

      I am likely going to get an aftermarket front bumper for our forthcoming new F350, so I would lose the stock Ford fog lights.

      If I really should have fog lights…… (?)

      For $105 Aluminess will mount a pair of Hella 500 fog lights in the bumper
      “ They shoot a short, wide beam that is perfect for cutting through fog.”
      and have wire coming off them. Understandably they will not hook them up to my truck.

      (I want to leave the stock bumper intact, and not cannibalize the OEM Fog light wiring harness on it, so I can easily put the stock Ford bumper back down the road, if need be)

      I’d need to ideally find the correct female (?) connector to connect to the bare wires coming from each Hella 500 so I could plug them in, in place of the OEM stock Ford fog lights.

      Anyone know the actual connector Ford uses?

      Either that or I could buy an OEM wiring harness and splice the Hella 500 wires into it.
      i THINK (but not sure if) it is Ford Part # HC3Z-15K867-B (about $30-$40-ish.)
      Not sure this is the correct Ford Superduty 2019 fog light harness…. I think i may have been told the wrong part #

      Thoughts? Advice? thanks!

      Here is the bumper I will likely get:



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