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      So.. I have a 2020 f350 super duty and an Adventurer truck camper. After owning the truck for one year one of the rear wheels had a hairline crack on the inside of the wheel. I do have the camper on most of the time but didn’t go over any curbs or off-roading.

      In 2021 Ford replace the wheel through a local dealer. Awesome. Last year (2022) it happened again. I couldn’t get any momentum with Ford and the local dealer couldn’t/wouldn’t either. So I paid out of pocket for a new wheel.

      OK, come jan 2023.. It just happened AGIAN!!!!!!!!! Any hear of issues on these Aluminum stock super duty wheels? Any suggestions what I should put on it now?


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      Mello Mike

      A cracked wheel is a tell-tale sign of an overloaded wheel. Are you over the GVWR/Payload rating of your truck?

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