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      Patrick N Strang

      Last Fall, I replaced the deceased acid batteries that didn’t make it their 13th year (not a bad life), with AGMs. The solar panel was not keeping them charged, even after I had turned the battery switch off to eliminate any power drainage.
      Just yesterday, I noticed a little switch on the solar panel control that said: “Gel” on the top, and “Lead Acid” on the bottom. I switched it over to gel, but my question is:
      What is the difference in how the solar charges the batteries?

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      AGM batteries require approximately the same charging parameters as lead acid batteries. Gel cell batteries require a lower charging voltage. Without knowing more about your solar system I can’t comment on why your new AGM batteries are not receiving a full charge.

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      Mello Mike

      Jbell is right. Gel batteries are a different animal altogether. Generally speaking, AGM batteries need to be charged the same as wet cell batteries.

      Getting 13 years out of a pair of wet cell batteries is excellent.

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