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      Hi, so I bought a used camper and it came with the accordion style steps (not glowsteps). they are a little to short as my truck is taller, but even if I prop them up they never seam to sit all the same (flat) so I am looking for a different step system that will be, how do I say it, not as sketchy.

      Glowsteps look like the same design with double cross bars instead of single and glowing steps. but are they rock solid when deployed, and is the price worth it. my other option is to get one of those receiver hitch cargo carries and build something that will deploy from that, maybe even a ramp design to make it easier on the dog?

      what have people done to solve step issues?


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      I just put glow steps on my Northstar TC650 last week. They are extremely solid, well made and a bit pricey. If you add the landing gear the price goes up even more. However, to my mind they are worth it. They are rock solid, and the older I get the more important that is.
      For the past four years I used a hitch step with a cheap step stool in front of it, which made two 18″ tall steps to get into the camper. It worked fine, but neither my wife nor I are very tall so it got to be a pain when carrying things in and out.
      Only you can decide if the cost is worth it, but I can verify the sturdiness.

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      Kyle Banerjee

      I just got a cheap trailer hitch step. If you’re up high, you might want to add a small step stool to that.

      Not as good as the glowsteps, but a tiny fraction of the price.

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