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      Mello Mike

      I own an O-Grill and just bought a Blackstone griddle. I’m curious to know what other truck camper owners use on outings.

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      Frank Mehaffey

      We have a Q1000 from Weber. It is a great grill. The only problem is where to put it inside if we are on the road for more than a day. We have a Camplite 10 with a nice outside compartment a little too small to stow the grill. Soooooo…..I am going to expand the inside of the compartment by putting a hole in one side, making it about 5′ wider, to fit the grill. I am also making an aluminum frame to hold the grill, connecting it for use to our rear quarter TC jack, quickly and neatly. With the grill in the compartment, it displaces the water lines, electrical lines and the sewer hose. Fix one thing, and there is always more to do. Fun!

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      Mello Mike

      I’ve heard great things about the Weber Q1000. Seems to be a very popular grill with RV owners.

      I’d love to see a pic of the completed grill frame when you’re done with it.

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      I have the o-grill as well. I like the look of the Blackstone griddle but in a perfect world I could find a griddle that would fit onto the O-grill I have. So far, no luck.

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      For years now I have been a Weber fan. The larger size vertically challenged model has been my go too. Every couple of years I buy a new one and retire the old one to the backyard. The air tight rounded body works perfectly for all types of grilling. The only down size to this body shape is transporting. I use the shipping box for as long as it will stay together, the nice square shape packs up against coolers or boxes of wood much tighter. Get this model at Walmart for 55 bucks.

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      David Casterson

      I love to BBQ at home but we camp in bear country a lot and don’t carry a portable one due to the attracting scent it would have. Anyone have thoughts on that or a solution?

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      I have never had a problem with bears using a Volcano II. It has been my choice as I can run it on 3 different fuel sources propane, wood, and charcoal.
      Coleman kerosene stove converted to propane for all other cooking.

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      x2 on the Volcano II
      And I would send a pic of me using it in the Keys right now, but how do you attach an image??

      Gettysburg, PA
      Chevy Duramax, Northstar Arrow

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      Here is an image of the Volcano III

      Volcano III

      You can go to https://www.volcanogrills.com/ for more information.

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      Mello Mike

      The Volcano III seems like a pretty nice grill. I like the versatility in being able to use charcoal and propane. Some areas during fire season don’t allow the use of charcoal. It’s nice being able to switch to propane when needed.

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      Living here in NM we are always in fire bans almost every summer so in 2009 I bought a Volcano II with the propane adapter the III is now the new model with all the goodies.
      It compresses into a carry bag that fits into almost any storage bin. I keep it under the seat in the p-up. This is also a bugout stove for the coming Zombie Apocalypse.LOL

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      Taylor Xtreme

      Recently I bought myself a huge cool grill! I dreamed about him for a very long time. Immediately after the purchase, my friends and I went to a picnic to try it out. It met all our expectations! I was very pleased with the purchase.
      By the way, I am a big fan of various retro things and recently bought myself a retro microwave. Honestly, finding the one I wanted and that I liked was very difficult, fortunately, I came across a Skillet Director and found there a retro microwave that I really liked! I’m talking about blue, which is the very first on the list.
      I am so happy with my purchase! It remains only to buy a retro phone and a retro car. Last, unfortunately, is quite expensive 🙁

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      We’ve used a couple Weber’s over the years, but they only work for 2 or 3 seasons and they are toast. I”ve tried cleaning the orifice with no success, and the BTU output slowly degrades over time to the point where it will not supply enough heat to BBQ chicken on hot windless day. Yes, I’ve cleaned the ‘flavor plate’. Jeanie spied a promo on one of the food channels for Wolfgang Puck’s tiny Chinese made stainless steel grill with briquettes as the heat source. I think it only weighs 3 or 4 pounds and is very compact like a ‘hot box’ of old. We tested it over a couple weeks at home and found a canvas valise that fit it perfectly for travel. It definitely puts out the heat and is smaller than the Weber, which we still have in reserve. It is not without woes, however. It has 4-retractable legs to keep it up off the table, but one of them did not touch the table at the same time the other 3 did. I put, “glues anything to anything” glue on the short leg’s rubber tip and slid it down so the 4 legs would contact the table simultaneously. The whole thing is very ‘tinky’, and I don’t see it lasting for more than a couple seasons. It looks great though; kind of like women’s shoes: look great-painful to use. We keep surfing the net trying to find the ultimate truck camper grill box, but there isn’t much better than the black Weber, unless you have endless space and don’t mind the added weight. jefe

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