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      What fridge? Instant shower? Cougar vs Puma? R6 in floor?

      Hi all

      Just spoke with Marty at All Terrain Campers and he was nice, and helpful. For us he recommended a Cougar or Puma, but not with the dinette, but with the side couch instead, for more storage space below, and the most floor space.

      He clarified that the outside window flaps are removable, and are in addition to window flaps on the inside.

      I am hoping to get a pop up camper – either a FWC or an ATC, for the three of us. Not planning on towing, and no extreme off roading.

      Does anyone here own an ATC Cougar or an ATC Puma?
      What might be best for the 3 of us? (Cougar or Puma)
      The Cougar is 84″ wide and the Puma, 78″ or 72”
      I am leaning towards the 84” wide cougar, and would likely get the Ford long towing mirrors anyway, with the built in turn signals.

      Has anyone put some foam, and also Reflectix under the over cab bed, for some insulation? That area is not insulated on an ATC.

      In the walls ATC puts a pretty good insulation – duct wrap. R3.4 in walls, R6.8 in roof.

      Marty at All Terrain Campers said in the floor there is no insulation. He offered (at build) to put 1” hard slats under camper, and put 1” R6 insulation between the slats. Any downsides to this? (it sounds good to me)

      ATC does not install an inside shower.

      Anyone used a Zodi Hot Tap instant shower? They use the little green propane tanks. They get a wide range of good and bad reviews on Amazon. :-/


      Marty (ATC) said I could supply my own Engel MT45 fridge. They can build cabinet around it. Open top with nice wall. 12v / 120v 2 way fridge.

      Has anyone used this fridge?


      Fridge option B) I have reads good things about the fairly big Nova Kool RFU6200. 6.0 cu. ft. (170 L) 12v / 120v 2 way fridge. Yes I know it is 93 lbs. and we would need to get at least 250+ watts solar on the roof, and two nice AGM batteries to run this fridge, and it is quite expensive. We do like to get far off the beaten path, and frozen fish, etc is very nice to cook.

      Fridge option C) can anyone recommend a (roughly) 5 cu. ft. or 6 cu. ft. 3 way fridge?
      We’d need propane for a furnace, for sure, so we’d have propane on board. (not sure if ATC use 10 or 20 gallon tanks)

      Thanks for any and all thoughts.

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      Tom MacCallum

      A friend of ours used this fridge for their Sprinter build out.

      TF130DC – 12v Refrigerator for Custom Installs – SUBSTITUTE ITEM AVAILABLE

      It is not a three way. 12v and 120v only. They also make “portable” fridge freezers.

      Lots of options. Might be worth checking out.

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      Haven’t used your brand of compressor refrigerator, but it’s a good way to go. You’ll need to beef up your electrical supply system to your house battery to help with the extra load that compressor refrigerator cause. The one we use in our Lance 815 is a Dometic CR1110 (Mello Mike has this one too) compressor refrigerator and was installed back in 2013. It’s nice to pull out a cold one when it’s 100 degrees outside.

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