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      Can anyone provide some approximate actual weights for:

      Ford F-250 4×4 Super Cab Short Bed 148″ WB – GVWR, and Curb Weight that you actually have?

      Adventurer 80rb Actual Wet Weight and maybe what options such as rooftop ac, solar panels etc you’ve got on/along?

      The Adventurer 80rb is promoted as being a match for an F-150 but that as noted on several places is unlikely to work.

      Every configuration of the truck and camper will be different and can really change the equation, so some actual Rig weights would be really helpful for me.

      And if anyone has had an experience that means the F-250 as I described at start will not safely (not going over GVWR) be able to carry the 80rb I’d really appreciate hearing from you.


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      Mello Mike

      What year F-250 are you looking for? Payload ratings vary based upon year and options. For example, does this F-250 have a diesel or not?

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      Coly Hope

      The dry weight of the Adventurer 80RB is 1800 pounds so some half tons may be able able to carry this truck camper if there is nothing in it. When you start adding stuff there is no way a half ton will handle it. Some 3/4 ton truck will probably be able to handle the 80RB but when you start adding stuff you collect on your trips you will go over your GVWR. Remember it isn’t just the stuff you load in your pick up bed but also what you put in the cab of your pick up that you have to add to your GVWR.

      When I see advertisements stating that a camper can fit on a half ton truck I tell myself no way. I am sure dealerships put down what a camper will fit on using the lowest weight of the camper without any options, water and propane to help sell the camper faster.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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