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      Wow, how things can change so quickly. Like most of you my family is anxiously waiting to resume are normal life style. All three of us are employed with company’s that are deemed essential, so that part of our lives have not changed. I guess you could say, “all work no play”. Well I am soooo ready for that to change. With our spare time we are preparing for our first multi state trip in four years. The first half of our retirement rig is waiting some 1500 miles away. Hopefully it’s a cherry not a lemon. I will post some picks if I can close the deal in the coming weeks. Wish me luck.

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      Janice Meyers

      Best wishes for getting your retirement rig rolling soon. We too are eager to get back to “normal” boondocking trips in our Alaskan truck camper.

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      Mello Mike

      Getting a severe case of cabin fever, like most of us. We are heading out to N. Arizona and S. Utah in a few weeks to explore some BLM land.

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      We’re getting closer!!… They are almost finished with having to entirely re-pipe our 5.5yr old retirement home with new piping due to a bad production run of pex piping…I’ll spare you of all the associated and messy grief 🙁 but Drywall and paint is about all thats left, so we’re MORE THAN READY for some kind of soothing getaway…On a better note, we relocated to the camper rather than a germy motel 6, and when thinking back, I can’t even recall the number of times the camper has ‘saved us’ during life’s many unplanned brushfires!!

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      Thinks guys for a little participation. Phil, I feel your pain, just the word plumbing brings chills to my spine.. I have lived your nightmare for 3 months with our first house. Thank God we had a motor home parked in the drive to shack up in. The same coach also provided a home base for us during the building process of the home we currently live in.

      Mike, it sounds like you are off for another wonderful vacation, I am looking forward to your article. Don’t forget about a fall trip to Old Hangtown and maybe even a look at the Delta area come mid summer. Watch for the crawdad festivals, I bet you would enjoy a big fresh “DAD” dinner.

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      Well, it’s back to the drawing board. I just found out there is water damage to the 5th wheel I was going to buy. This is a real shame, just a couple bucks worth of caulking could have prevented this. Not only did this ruin my deal but additionally someone will now have to spend thousands for the necessary repairs.

      I added this comment to simply to demonstrate the need for continued vigilance while you own any RV. Covered storage will add years to any RV but without proper maintenance your investment will deteriorate quickly.

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