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      When I buy paper towels for my camp kitchen, I buy a single roll as needed.

      My biggest problem with towels outdoors is wind.
      Well, one time I bought a roll that would actually cling together enough NOT to unroll in the breeze. The problem was that I’d burned the wrapper before I realized the gem that I had stumbled upon.

      After years of telling that tale around the campfire, it happened again. THIS time the wrapper only made it to the trash can.

      I’ll tell you what it is right after this commercial message.

      J/K. It is VIVA brand! At long last, the ideal camping towels have stepped into the light to be recognized.

      Another feature is the half sheet perferations, which make it easy to be conservative with them.

      So there you have it. The only paper towels endorsed by Reserector.

      You’re welcome.

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