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      I have a 2019 F350 DRW and an Arctic Fox 1150 TC. I load and unload the TC several times a year. I like to have the truck tailgate on when the TC is unloaded. My problem is that I find disconnecting and reconnecting the tailgate wiring wiring to be a royal pain. There are four plugs for the tailgate camera, light, electric opening, etc. and all of them can be a struggle to pull apart and reconnect securely.

      Has anyone heard of a modification to this system that would make things easier?

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      Joel Gambino

      They are a pain. I only have two on my 2017, but they can be tough to get apart. I clean the connectors when they are apart with Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and a Qtip. If you can find the small diameter Qtips, even better. The ones on the tailgate are easy when the tailgate is off, but the ones up under are tough. I guess a modification that would help would be to protect the connectors from the road grime with some sort of cover.


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      Robert Sullivan

      This is a royal pain, as Ford adds more items they just add on, Maybe someone will come up with a solution

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      Yes awful… pain…bad…..no easy way to do it.

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      DIELECTRIC grease on the conectors makes a huge diffrence. my ’17 comes apart pretty easy

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