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      Harvey Shaw

      For us that enjoy seeing the incredible out of the way places we get too, it is really abhorrent coming to a wonder of the world kind of place and finding what I call World Pigs have been there. I don’t know if these people just plain don’t care or don’t understand how to treat their country’s (not just limited to the USA for sure) treasures, but they sure are ruining things for a lot of us.

      I could add many more photos

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      Phil Patterson

      Sad… Modernity has prevented a culling of the herd…

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      Harvey Shaw

      Some more photos here:

      I don’t know why people go out into nature and want to destroy it whether by leaving piles of trash or walking on trails with a boom box blasting music as we’ve experience many places but in particular recall this in Joshua Tree.

      Speaking about Joshua Tree some may remember a few years ago when parks were without personnel cause of budget issues, some people thought destroying Joshua Trees was terrific fun!! Why? I sure don’t get it.

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      We saw this last year in the Sierras. Beautiful little spot we have been going for years was full of everything a bunch of fools could leave. We spent a few hours cleaning it up just to make it livable/safe for the family. This is very enraging when you encounter this.

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