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      I was just perusing the sales numbers for the year and with all that is going on RV sales are down in all categories. However, even in a down market truck camper sales are the clear sales leaders.

      In general, RV sales sorted by type are down 80% to almost 85% for some categories, but truck camper sales are only off by approximately 50%. That makes a huge statement about the growing popularity of slide-ins. I wonder if some folks are finally discovering what many of us already know about the advantage of truck camper ownership! 🙂



      Steve and Andra
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      Kyle Banerjee

      I think people are figuring out that less is more. I get questions literally on every trip.

      Being able to go and park anywhere plus use it as an actual truck are all huge wins. If I had to do it all over, the only thing I’d do differently is have a small window cut near the bottom of the door and put a fresnel lens so I could see through the back and behind via my rear view mirror in addition to the sides though I worry that would be funny looking. Plus, I might mess the job up.

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