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      Steve Lindquist

      How do you keep your truck camper mattress from turning in a frozen block? Temperatures can be below 0 here looking for ideas. Thanks

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      Steve, I’ve used a 4×8 sheet of rigid insulation cut to size for underneath the mattress. Works great.

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      Hey Steve, we take our pop up camper skiing where it can get pretty cold. We have insulation under the bed like Stan mentioned, we use a roll of Reflectix over the pop up fabric along the inside walls as a radiant heat barrier, and we’ve got a 12V mattress pad heater that really does the trick if we turn it on an hour or so before getting in bed. I believe it is made by Electro Warmth (or something like that), it’s marketed for truck drivers, but works great and was not expensive.

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      Steve Lindquist

      Thanks I added 2” foam broad under mattress going to be below 0 this weekend going out.

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      Omar Fernandez

      Hey guys what is your mattress of choice?

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      Will you have access to 110v power? It’s wonderful to have a backup, safe electric heat source. In late November, on a hunting trip in northern Minnesota, I stayed in a mid-80s pickup camper for two weeks. I used one of those little, oil-filled electric radiators because I had access to electricity. It has two settings: 750 watts and 1500 watts. If I tried to use the coffee pot, the breaker would trip. Once the camper was warmed up, 750w was more than enough to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. There was also a thermostat on the radiator. Here is a guide for camper shells Temperatures in the daytime range from the mid-thirties to the low-forties. Upper twenties at night are the lowest. In most cases, they are in their mid-twenties.

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      John Perz

      Do you have a memory foam mattress? Memory foam is known for getting hard and inflexible at low temperatures.

      However, memory foam mattresses are not memory foam all the way through. They are a layer of memory foam bonded to regular foam underneath. You might try flipping your mattress over so the memory foam is on the bottom and you are sleeping on the regular foam and see if that helps.

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