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      I have an order for a Cybertruck. Way in front as I did my order on the night of the launch.

      I already have an 4-reason RV trailer that my wife love: near full-size ref, toilet, dry bath and small sofa.

      Am starting to mull over a camper. I know I have to compromise as to the space but have to keep wifey happy with 4-season (we love to do winter camping in Yosemite) and therefore, hard sided, ref (albeit smaller), toilet and bath (dry or wet).

      Seems best candidate to do this for Cybertruck (or other truck EVs) with these features are: Lance (their models are the roomiest and complete features), Alaskan Campers (ideal helping with range with hard sided pop up) and Northern Lite (roomier but minimu is 3/4 ton truck).

      Am I just dreamin’ or my dream and hopes are too soon?

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      I hope to go this route. A traditional camper will destroy range. A simple cargo box on my Tesla car zaps 100kw/mile (20%)


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