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      T Rose

      Own a 2000 f350 dual 7.3 auto. New transmission installed and discovered that when transmission is in 1st and 2 wheel drive or 4x high or 4x low it will not hold back on a grade. Am being told it has to do with the throttle position so when foot is off throttle the transmission clutch pressure is to weak to hold back. Increase throttle position create more pressure on the clutch to hold and go faster. Not so good on a grade of 14% or better with numerous switch backs.
      Does anyone know of an aftermarket module to increase clutch pressure?

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      John Perz

      I would think a question like this would be better addressed to a Ford Truck forum, like:


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      Yeah, nothing in your description makes any sense to me. If your clutch was slipping you would see this whenever you accelerated. The harder you tried to speed up the more your clutch would slip. Ahh … sorry, now I see you have an auto transmission and they would have given you a new torque convertor with the tranny. I’d go back to the shop. Truck boys can tell you more but they are going to tell you the same thing. If you have an invoice you can look up the parts and include this in your post to the truck forum.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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