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      I have the frame mounted torklift tie downs on the front and the hitch mounted on the rear. They are all fairly rusted but the rear behind the exhaust is rusted to the point I can’t slide the insert in anymore. I’ve been getting by with wire brushing the inside and using a rubber mallet to get the insert in. Anyone else with this issue and what was your solution? It might be far gone enough to buy new ones.

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      Utah Mike

      Same thing has happened to me twice. I took it to a local garage and had them break it free.They haven’t charged me for this service. I now lube these fittings regularly to keep them working. This helps.

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      Gary Crawford

      Try Boeshield T-9. I use this every time I load the camper. Just spray it on your tie downs and you should never have a problem.

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      Ramon Milam

      I have been using marine grease on all of my tiedowns and trailer hitch for years. It’s messy when you remove them but it beats the alternative.

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