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      Does anyone have a list of tools, supplies and emergency supplies list?

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      John Perz

      I stole and modified a list from a book on 4×4 off-roading. You probably don’t need all of this, but it will give you things to think about.


      1: Inflated, full size spare tire.
      2: Duct tape
      3: Spare fuses, at least two of every size in your vehicle
      4: At least one gallon of water above and beyond your drinking water
      5: Assorted zip ties, tiny to huge.
      6: Water pump, power steering, and alternator belts.
      7: Radiator stop-leak, heavy duty.
      8: Silicone emergency tape for patching radiator and heater hoses.
      9: Can of GOOD penetrating oil. (PB Blaster!)
      10: Can of CRC 5-56 for drying wires.
      11: AT LEAST one quart of motor oil, one quart of ATF fluid, one pint of brake fluid, one pint of power steering fluid, one gallon of anti-freeze.
      12: 15 to 20 feet of ten gauge wire. A few shorter lengths of smaller wire.
      Small assortment of crimp on connectors.
      13: Roll of baling wire. (Sometimes sold in auto part stores as “Mechanics Wire”.)
      14: Roll of GOOD electrical tape. (3M)
      15: Roll of plumber’s Teflon tape.
      16: Tube of hi-temp silicone sealer (gasket maker). IMPORTANT! REPLACE ANNUALLY! GOES BAD EVEN IF NOT OPENED.
      17: Loctite thread restorer.
      18: Small can of wheel bearing grease.
      19: Extra tire valve cores, caps, and at least one new valve stem.
      20: Quick-set epoxy (JB Weld).
      21: Fuel tank repair kit.
      22: Tire plugging kit.
      23: A few feet of fuel line – sized to your vehicle, and a spare fuel filter.
      24: Small can of misc. hardware – assorted nuts, bolts, screws, washers, hose clamps, cotter keys, etc.

      I don't like to make plans. They cause the word "PREMEDITATED" to get used in court!
      My Body is a Temple! Ancient, Crumbling, Probably Cursed . . .

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      John Perz

      And the Tools List:


      1: Service Manual
      2: A jack that can lift your FULLY LOADED vehicle for tire changes.
      3: Two flashlights, large and small. Optional 12 volt trouble light with long wires that hooks to car battery.
      4: Work gloves to protect hands.
      5: Pair of clear safety glasses to protect eyes.
      6: 8 to 12 ounce ball peen hammer.
      7: Short handled 3 pound sledge hammer for heavy “persuasion”
      8: Combination wrenches ¼ to 1 inch (or 8 to 24 mm)
      9: Tubing wrenches – some vehicles like Fords need a special tool for fuel line fittings.
      10: 3/8 inch drive socket set – 6 point, inch or metric sizes as listed for combination wrenches. Can supplement with ½ drive larger size sockets and ½ inch breaker bar.
      a: Spark Plug socket
      b: 3, 6 and 12 inch extensions
      c: Swivel
      d: ½ and 3/8 adapters
      (Note: 6 point sockets are less likely to round off nuts and bolt heads than 12 point sockets. But some vehicles have 12 point heads and if so, you may need a few 12 point sockets too.)
      11: Screwdrivers, regular & Phillips, various lengths.
      12: Inch and/or metric Allen wrenches – if needed.
      13: Torx bit set – if needed.
      14: Wire cutters and wire stripper/crimper.
      15: Combination and needle nose pliers.
      16: Large Channel Lock pliers.
      17: Locking pliers (Vise Grips), large and small sizes.
      18: Large adjustable wrench, 12 inch or bigger.
      19: Small, medium, and large punches, center punch, and cold chisel.
      20: Hacksaw and extra blades
      21: Small crowbar or pry bar.
      22: Files, large flat and small round, half round, and triangular.
      23: Siphon hose and funnel (suitable for ATF fill).
      24: Jumper Cables.
      25: Tire pressure gauge.
      26: Valve core removing tool.
      27: Utility knife & extra blades.
      28: Electric drill (rechargeable, kept charged) and assortment of drill bits.
      29: One large and two small C clamps.
      30: Torque wrench (optional).
      31: Digital Multimeter.
      32: OBD code reader – if needed.
      33: Spark plug tester.
      34: Small grease gun.
      Special tools such as spindle nut wrench for your 4X4 axle, tie rod tool, etc.

      I don't like to make plans. They cause the word "PREMEDITATED" to get used in court!
      My Body is a Temple! Ancient, Crumbling, Probably Cursed . . .

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      Hold on there is MORE:

      Aloe Vera Gel
      Bath Towel
      Camp Suds
      Comb or Brush
      Insect Repellant
      Personal Wipes
      Q-tips Wet ones Deodorant
      Skin Lotion
      Sun block
      Sun shower Set-up
      Toilet Paper
      Toothbrush & Toothpaste Floss
      1/8″ & 5/8″ Rope
      Beach Chairs
      C D Player
      Camp Dry spray waterproofing
      Flashlight/Batteries/Spare Bulb
      Gallon Laundry Bucket
      Hand axe
      Sleeping Bags
      Sleeping Pads
      Tent & Groundsheet
      Tent peg hammer
      Tent pegs, spare
      Bucket hat
      Cold weather gear
      Hiking Boots Sandals
      Loose Fitting Cotton Tops
      Aluminum Foil
      Bamboo Skewers
      BBQ & Propane
      Camp Suds
      Coffee Pot & Filters
      Cook Grill
      Cook Oil & Pam
      Cup per Person
      Dish Towel
      Fork/Knife/Spoon per Person
      Gallon Potable H0 Per Person Per Day
      Large Ice Cooler
      Liters White Gas
      Paper Plates & Wicker Holders
      Paper Towels
      Pot Holder
      Prep Knife
      Scrub Sponge
      Trash Bags
      Tupperware (nesting)
      Stainless steel eating cooking utensil’s
      Auto insurance papers
      Camera (Still and/or Video, spare batteries/charger, memory card/tapes)
      Cell Phone and Auto/Solar Charger
      Fanny or Day Pack with Liter Canteen
      Hotel Reservations Vehicle
      Identification/Birth Certificate/Naturalization Documents etc.
      Mexican Fishing Permit Maps/Compass
      Mexican Vehicle Insurance
      Note Book & Pen
      Registration Drivers License

      US Army Retired
      2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
      Hill Country of Texas

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      And MORE

      Boogie Board
      Fishing Gear
      Playing cards
      Reading Material
      Spending Cash
      Survival Gear
      Advil, Sudafed, Antihistamine “Benadryl”, Maalox
      Antiseptic “Sea Breeze”
      Baby wipes
      Bug Spray
      Camp Heater
      Can Opener, military “P-38”
      Cell Phone and Charger
      Chap Stick
      Collapsible bucket
      Dog tags w/ICE [In Case of Emergency] and medical info on them
      Ear Plugs
      Emergency Blankets
      Firearm and bullets
      Fire starter kit
      First Aid Kit
      Food – Trail Mix, Jerky, dried Fruit, Bagels, canned stew, crackers, MRE’s, etc
      Hand Lotion, cleaner
      Knife: Leatherman, Swiss army, Fixed
      Knife sharpener
      Parachute cord
      Prescription meds
      Poncho & “Poncho” liner, military type
      Signal mirror
      Smoke bombs or grenades
      Snow/cold weather gear
      Spare glasses/contact lens
      Sun block
      Water purification tabs, filtering system
      Waterproof matches
      Whistle, extra loud safety or police
      Tool Kit
      1/2″ Sockets and Ratchet SAE, Metric
      1/4″ Sockets and Ratchet SAE, Metric
      12 point 1/2 inch socket for the unit bearing bolts
      12Volt DC Ni-Cad Battery
      3/8″ Sockets and Ratchet
      36 MM socket for front axle hub bolt
      AAA, AA, C and D batteries
      Air Compressor
      Allen Wrenches
      Assorted, washers, nuts, bolts, cotter pins
      Assorted Screwdrivers
      Ball Peen Hammer
      Brake Tools
      Brazing Torch & Rods
      Channel Locks
      Cordless Drill & Bits
      Crescent Wrenches
      Crow Bar
      Duct Tape
      Electrical Repair Box
      Electrical Tape
      Extensions for ratchets
      Flaring Tool
      Flash Light’s)
      Garbage Bags
      Gear Oil Fill Spout
      Grease Gun
      Grease Pencil
      Hack Saw w/spare blades, metal cutting
      Hammer 24oz, 4 lb, and Rubber
      Haynes Manual
      Hi-lift Jack
      Impact Driver
      Jumper Cables
      Magic Marker
      Magnet on telescoping extension
      Needle Nose pliers
      On board air supply
      On board welder
      Pair Vise Grips
      Paper Towels
      Pickle Fork
      Pipe Wrench
      Pliers & Needle Nose
      Propane torch
      Pry Bars
      Ratchet Straps
      SAE & Metric Allens
      SAE & Metric Wrenches
      Sledge hammer
      Tap & Die Set
      Tape Measure
      Tire Iron
      Tire Pressure Gauge
      Tire repair kit w/spare stems/valves
      Torx & Safety Torx sets
      Tubing Wrenches
      Wire Brush
      Zip Ties assorted lengths

      Ziploc bags, assorted sizes to 1 gallon

      US Army Retired
      2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
      Hill Country of Texas

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      and LASTLY

      ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
      Axe or Woodman’s Pal
      CB/SSB Radio
      Chain with S Hooks
      Clevis/snatch block
      Gerry Cans fuel, water
      Halon Fire Extinguisher
      High Lift Jack
      Pair Leather Gloves
      Sand Anchor
      Sand Mats
      Set Spare Keys
      Shovel “D” handle and or folding military issue
      Tow strap
      Tree Strap
      Wheel Chocks
      Yank Strap
      Vehicle Spare Parts-Fluids
      10 1/8″ 6012 DC Welding Rods
      10-40 W Oil
      85-90 W Oil
      Assorted nuts, bolts, washers
      Axle fluid
      Axle Shafts
      Axle-Drive Shafts
      Baling Wire
      Brake Clean
      Brake Fluid
      Brake Line
      Brake Lines for front
      Brake Lines for rear
      Drag link
      Electrical Wire 12, 16 gauge
      Epoxy, Steel reinforced: “Pro Poxy 20 Epoxy Putty” seals gas tanks etc
      Full Size Spare Tire
      Fuses, electrical assorted
      Gas Tank Repair Kit
      Grease, grease gun, wheel bearing grease
      Hose clamps, assorted sizes
      Hose Repair Kit
      Hydraulic Fluid
      JB Weld
      Lug Nuts
      Octane Booster
      Oil Filter
      PB Blaster
      PEAT SORB, P.I.G. pads to absorb oil spills
      Pittman arm
      Power Steering Fluid
      Radiator fluid/antifreeze pre-mix
      Radiator Hose repair kit
      Radiator STOP LEAK “Bars Leaks” is excellent
      Roll Duct Tape
      Roll Electrical Tape
      RTV “Automotive Goop”
      Serpentine belt/fan belts
      Set Spark Plugs
      Shop Rags
      Solderless Terminal Kit
      Spark Plug wire
      Spark Plugs
      Starting Fluid
      Tie rod
      Tie Rod Ends and Heim Joints
      Tire Repair Kit
      Transmission Fluid
      Tube Form-a-gasket
      Tube Hand Cleaner
      Tube Pig Putty
      U-Joint Snap Rings
      U-Joint Straps/U-bolts kits
      U-joints, drive shafts axles
      Valve Cores
      Valve Stems
      Wire Ties

      Gear Distributors:
      Tactical Gear:

      General gear:



      US Army Retired
      2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
      Hill Country of Texas

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      All of the above, some of the above or none of the above.

      I used to be with an Adventure group and we did some hard trails, some as long as almost 200 mi in our Jeep and stayed out for a couple of weeks in places like Death Valley, the interior of Mexico, Baja etc.

      So one night around the campfire I said let’s come up with a no holds barred list of survival items for us and our Jeeps. I said I would consolidate and remove duplicates. Then depending upon the trip we could come up with a Basic Items Load List or BILLy as we called it.

      US Army Retired
      2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
      Hill Country of Texas

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      Dumb Mick

      Extra toilet paper and an emergency locator beacon, in case you run out of TP.

      It’s good to be a n00b - so I can aspire to be just stoopid.

      Monrovia, CA

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      Extra toilet paper and an emergency locator beacon, in case you run out of TP.

      Let me suggest that you LEARN to identify Poison Oak and Ivy by sight!!!!

      I have seen way to many who did not know it by sight and it was not pleasant…

      US Army Retired
      2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
      Hill Country of Texas

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      Kyle Banerjee

      So many suggestions, and no mention of booze?

      It somehow makes a lot of situations where you know you won’t be going anywhere for awhile easier.

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      So many suggestions, and no mention of booze?
      It somehow makes a lot of situations where you know you won’t be going anywhere for awhile easier.

      Booze is a dirty word. I have a LOT of time on the trails across the US and the world, I have well over 60 years under the stars at night. Booze does not mix well in most of the day time activities. More than once I have packed up and left.

      Don’t get me wrong, a cold beer on a lunch break is fine, if you can hold it to 1.
      Nothing like a ice cold beer at lunch in the Sonora desert, or Death Valley or Johnson Valley. And I really enjoy a Makers Mark sitting around a campfire cool night.

      So I have never included it in any list, I let that be a personal choice. Somehow that seems to send a message there is a time and place…

      US Army Retired
      2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
      Hill Country of Texas

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      Kyle Banerjee

      Booze does not mix well in most of the day time activities. More than once I have packed up and left.

      Agreed. I’m out there because I like to feel connected with everything. In the day, I might take a nip to celebrate achieving a particularly special objective but few things reach that level.

      But things happen. Earlier this year, we got caught in a massive storm that dumped 48″ (4 feet) of snow on us so we were holed up 7 miles from the road. We wound up rescuing a couple guys on snow machines who wound up having to spend the night with us. Was nice to have something to share. When we finally got back to the parking lot a couple days later, neither it nor the road were drivable.

      On a more serious note regarding emergency gear. In my experience, Gorilla tape is superior to duct tape in every respect. Stronger, works fine when wet, much more abrasion resistant, not susceptible to gunking up if you leave it around. Vaseline is great for wounds and blisters and makes a great fire starter as well when combined with cotton. The electrical tape that others have already listed is a superior way to bandage wounds — works when wet, doesn’t get torn up so easily, and is handy for repairs. I also think there’s no substitute for a proper headlamp. I carry a Personal Locator Beacon as well. It is cheaper than a satellite communicator, requires no subscription, is fully waterproof, and can send out a signal in conditions where a satellite connection can’t be made.

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      Kyle, I believe what the Gorilla tape is the Mil-Spec (90 mile an hour) duct tape we used in the military.

      I have not got as much snow camping as I would have liked to…now that I am married my wife draws the line at that.

      I just donated all my camping gear to the Boy Scouts at church. Between the work, I do on my ranch (clearing land) and other interests I have ( I still work), but I do miss it a lot…time is my enemy. Maybe when I sell my company I will have more time???

      US Army Retired
      2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
      Hill Country of Texas

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      Kyle Banerjee

      Maybe when I sell my company I will have more time???

      Funny that you mention that.

      I ran a company for a few years and quit to become a happy working stiff.

      I loved the work and the customers. The legal, financial, compliance, and subcontracting issues that took most of my time, not so much.

      Now I have a much easier ride that gives me more access to the outdoors than anyone I know. We literally have National Geographic quality stuff for a day trip 🙂

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      As my friends say, ‘I am a serial entrepreneur’. I start them that is the fun part, then I sell as I am not much of a maintenance man, I just love the build of it. Fact is I work HARD and I love it, Today, both John Deeres in use, my chain saw and hot, dirty, tired, LOVE IT! I was an IT consultant to the Fortune 500 and I got just over 2 Million air miles to show for it, glad I don’t fly anymore unless we go overseas, other than Italy, Spain, and Greece I don’t have much desire to go back anymore.

      I am looking at a Host Mammoth Camper as my next buy for camping…

      US Army Retired
      2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
      Hill Country of Texas

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      As a medical professional, I have a first aid kit that will prevent the need for many Emergency Department visits, but I would like to recommend a few items for others who may find themselves having a medical emergency in remote locations. The number one most potentially impactful medication (aside from an Epi-pen in acute allergic reaction) you should carry is the lowly common aspirin. In the event of a heart attack or any suspected acute cardiac event, aspirin is the one medication we give that actually improves outcomes in the vast majority of patients, and the earlier it is given improves its effectiveness. With that said, there are a few situations in which it may be contraindicated, so check with your physician BEFORE a big trip to see whether or not you could fall into this category. FYI aspirin is NOT indicated to alleviate chest discomfort, but rather to prevent platelets from clumping together and forming blood clots that can clog small arteries.

      In addition, be sure to carry extra prescription medications in case an unexpected emergency prevents you from returning home in a timely fashion, minor wound care supplies, including butterfly closure strips, as well as a few otc medications for digestive issues that could ruin a trip (think anti-diarrhea, antacids, or anti-nausea). Having a current list of your medical conditions, prescriptions, and emergency contacts that is readily accessible can help any emergency providers who might respond in the event you cannot speak for yourself.

      Know the signs of heart attack and stroke. These are time-sensitive events in which EARLY intervention can make all the difference in both survival and ultimate quality of life. Experiencing a medical emergency while on the road can be potentially devastating, but a little preparation and knowledge can help make a terrible situation better.


      Be safe!


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      Taylor Xtreme

      I believe that I do not need a first-aid kit and medicines at home, because health can also be obtained through sports. I really love sports and can spend hours spending time doing this without even getting tired. Therefore, I always liked to make my body beautiful and strong, and I really like when I put in order my body too. My favorite sport is training. I have everything for this house: a horizontal bar, parallel bars, and especially I like to study with the help of my Swedish wall. I also recently bought a TimTam power massager so I can work peacefully. I believe that I chose a good view because I looked at a good view. I advise all workers, because it is just a great thing to help you in your sport. Be healthy, thank you for your attention!)

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