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      [tire question] Hi all. I’m about to custom order a 2020 F350 4 x 4 and according to Ford the tires included are: LT275/70Rx18E BSW A/T. These are to get the E load rating on the tires needed to get 11,500 GVWR.
      I am told I don’t have any choice in what tire is used by Ford – that this is what will arrive. I’m also told that Ford will use any brand of tires. No way to tell or select in advance.
      The question is – what are the odds that these tires will be snow rated?
      More to the point – should I actually care if they are snow rated?
      I have encountered places where the tires needed to be snow rated, or you have to carry chains, IIRC. So should I just buy a set of chains and call it good? Thanks. Just asking to learn. I will be encountering snow.

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      My 2012 F350 had that size in Michelins, not snow rated. Your call as to how important that is to you.

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      John Perz

      If you actually live/drive someplace where the winter driving conditions are so bad that they have laws where they won’t let you on the public highways without winter tires and/or chains; then the smartest thing you can do is acquire 4 plain steel wheels and mount and balance the best snow rated tires you can find on them. Switch them for your “regular” tires on a seasonal basis. This will give you maximum life on your winter tires (real snow tires wear really quickly in hot weather) and maximum safety when driving in the winter.

      Since you are buying a new truck, and presumably will keep it for many years, this ends up be very cheap over the long haul. The steel rims quickly pay for themselves compared to the cost of having tires demounted and mounted and balanced on one set of rims all the time.

      BTW, I use this system, and I have both sets of tires marked on the inside, with one of those yellow tire crayons, DE for Driver’s side Even, DO for Driver’s Odd, PE for Passenger Even, and PO for Passenger Odd. The FRONT of my truck gets the Odd or Even tire depending on whether the YEAR is odd or even. This makes tire rotation automatic!

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      Most people buying new trucks just accept the tires come with the truck; wear them out and then purchase the tires they really need. Remember, long term it’s the wheels you are most interested in. On the back of the rim is stamped the load rating of the wheels, whih you can find by lowering the spare tire enough to see the inside rim. My choice was always a higher load rating than bling. Sometimes….you can negotiate brand new ‘take offs’ which are tires/wheels someone else did not want at the dealer. With the “AT” designation, they are likely All Terrain tires which are universally light duty mud and snow rated if they have enough sipes. Overall, 18 inch tires/wheels are a good bet as they can be had, aftermarket, in a high load rating: higher than 17’s and a larger selection of high load rated tires.

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      I run the Alcan in the winter most years. The tires that came with the truck pretty much sucked, but with 4 wheel drive I got by. When the original tires wore out I got mud/snow tires and had them siped, BIG improvement and I don’t have to swap them out. They aren’t as good as studded tires, but I run through areas where studded tires aren’t allowed.

      If you need chains with a 4X4 to get through….it’s best to park and wait it out.

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