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      Hi got a question..
      I have NITTO 35X12.50R20 TERRA G2 Tires i keep them at 65 lbs front and 80 in the rear. i have a f350 diesel 4×4 11,400 gvrw and a lance 825 . When fully loaded were about 11200. there is a tire pressure monitor on the truck. After driving they heat up and the pressure goes to 75 and 90. we drove 7200 miles with this set up no problems but should i decrease pressure?

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      Mello Mike

      As long as that 80 psi reading was taken cold, no. The tires are expected to heat up and that is factored into the tire’s design.

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      Thank you. I hoped that would be the right answer but want to make sure. I read your artical on tires and saw you use to run nittos . I like the tires they seemed to handle the load well.

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      One thing that seldom gets much press is the manner in which cold tire pressure is related to the load on the tire. Every tire has a pressure to weight ratio denoting how much air pressure a tire needs to carry a given weight.

      A good many folks, ourselves included air our tires down to 50 PSI when running empty to soften the ride and the change in ride quality is dramatic. When we air them back up to run with our camper, we air up according to the pressure table I obtained from Michelin for our tires as the weight on our tires is well under the pressure on the door sticker.

      There are several other ways to adjust pressure to weight available on the Internet. Running higher than require pressures gains us little other than a rougher ride in our F350 which already has what we regard as an exceedingly rough ride. But, as Mike noted, pressure should only be taken when a tire is cold i.e. driven less then 10 miles and never reduced when after a tire heats up.

      Steve and Andra
      2012 F350 6.2 gasser SRW LB
      Fab Fours front and rear in case we run into a rhino
      2019 Northstar Laredo SC

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      Jay, maintaining correct tire pressure and alignment are the two biggest factors in your tires longevity. I just received my new Jaco elitepro tire pressure gauge yesterday. I chose the model that reads 0 too 100. This gauge is the number one pressure gauge on the internet and it can be at your door step for only 22 dollars. This purchase is a no brainier. Every household should have one.

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