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      I’ve filled my rear tires to their max PSI of 80 and that measurement is done when tires are cold non-driven for a day maybe average temp 90 degrees out. Once I get on the road and drive some, my tire PSI gauge indicates PSI has increased as much as 10 PSI so now up closer to 90PSI.

      I’m thinking I should be filling my rear tires closer to 70 PSI cold so that they never go over max PSI of 80 when things warm up or I’m driving. The only reason I was thinking otherwise was if perhaps the max PSI rating is meant only for cold measurement and assumed it will fluctuate higher when warmer/driving.

      What do you all do?

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      Zack R

      Don’t sweat the hot psi. Inflate to the cold psi and don’t bleed off any additional pressure when the tires are hot.

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      The max pressure rating on the tire is meant for cold (before driving) measurement. I’ve had my TPMS indicate up to 99 psi when underway at highway speeds on a hot day, with no harm to the tires.

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      Mello Mike

      Zach and Russ are correct. The cold PSI rating is just that. The tires were designed to handle higher psi hot pressures.

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