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      Steve McCarthy

      I have a 2021 F350 with a slide in mounted Hallmark camper. I think the inserts stick out too far and are likely to hit or catch on things even when pinned in as far as the drilled hole allows. Does anyone see any problem with drilling another hole that would allow the tie down to connect closer to the body of the truck? But not too close !

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      Joel Gambino

      Do they stick out farther than the jacks?

      I have the torklift tie downs on my 2017 F350 (not dually). They have two holes and I have mine on the holes that put them closer to the truck. If memory serves, they are not far from bottoming when using those holes, so I don’t think there is much to be had as far as getting them in closer. If you do bring them in closer, make sure you secure the camper from moving side to side in the bed which could result in the stabilizers making contact with the side of the bed. Also watch the gas door access. I can barely get mine open enough for the gas nozzle when the stabilizers are installed.


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      Michael McKindles

      Steve I had the opposite issue needed to bring the tiedown out a couple inches so the happyjacks didn’t rub the paint. I drilled a new hole a couple inches from the factory hole. Just completed a 4000 mile trip with no issue. Full disclosure I have a popup camper on my F350 Dually.

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