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      Adrian Schafgans

      My budget will not allow me to walk into an RV dealer and plunk down big bucks for some truly wonderful and well constructed campers this has forced me to be creative
      and do some serious looking around. I landed on a 1995 Dodge 3/4 ton long bed old school Cummins 5.9 diesel truck under 100k miles for 7k he happened to also have a Six-Pac 96R that he threw in for another $325.00. It needed cleaning up and some structural, I have gotten so much great help from this site to assist in this sweat equity platform Just wandering if I am the only one riding an old pony?

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      David Casterson

      ‘Sounds like you got a good deal, a Cummins Diesel with just 100k on it should go quite a ways. Another benifit of an older truck is it won’t have the high beds they build into the current trucks, so your camper won’t sit as high.
      Another plus to used is that you are going to learn alot about what you features are really important and what things you can live without. Your first camper will probably not be you last and you can avoid big depreciation in this way.

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      Adrian Schafgans

      Great points David am missing a wet shower but as I travel alone LOL not a deal breaker everytime I go on a journey I learn, still in the wow how do I get too much junk phase from a 22 foot tt to a slide in camper. Having solar setup really helps.

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      Mello Mike

      Sounds like you got a great deal. Those old Six-Pac campers are pretty sweet. Can you post of pic of your rig?

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      Adrian Schafgans

      I like the fact that I can and do close the tailgate and use it as a front porch or launching ramp California does not recognize this as a “RV” but as Cargo on a truck so no license needed, a small whoopee for me thanks Mike for including me in the mix

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      I am in the same boat as you about buying used. I am on my 3rd used camper since the mid 90’s. The ’94 S&S I have now is the most expensive one I have ever bought ($2,800) and the 1st one with a bathroom…….why did I wait so long for a bathroom????;-)

      Gotta do more work on the used ones, but I won’t take a big hit on selling it and don’t have to worry about insuring it. So far everything in it still works fine.

      It would be nice to have a new one, but it isn’t in the cards for me right now.

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