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      What do you use for TC defense and how do you safely & securely store it?

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      2007 Lance 1191
      2015 Jeep Rubicon

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      Mello Mike

      We carry bear spray and a medium caliber pistol for self defense. Both items are stored away but easy to access in an emergency.

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      bill delorey

      For a variety of reasons, one of which We travel across a lot of states with a variety of gun laws, not all compatible – and some confusing. So, we leave firearms elsewhere when we travel across country.

      We recently bought a crossbow for ‘urgent situations’ as it is not considered a firearm in any state, and not subject to such confusing laws. We figure it a crossbow won’t get us out of any trouble we get in, we shouldn’t be in “that space” to begin with.

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      Bear spray in the cab and in the camper. Irish wife also in the cab and camper.

      2012 F350, 6.7L SRW
      2015 Alaskan 8.5 Cabover

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      We also have bear spray, one can in each door of the truck when we are moving. We both have concealed carry permits and always check to see which states are reciprocal with ours when we travel, but really the guns seem to be more a nuisance given the added responsibility and we have gradually stopped carrying them. My wife is not carrying hers for the first time this trip. In our fifth wheel we have a gun safe so it is a bit less of an issue, but having a gun in the safe always leaves me thinking why do I have one at all.

      Steve and Andra
      2012 F350 6.2 gasser SRW LB
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      No hand guns allowed in Canada so we have to resort to the next best (or better) thing. Bear spray for each of us and a tactical 18″ barrel 12 ga. with 5 slugs in it.

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