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      David Casterson

      I am looking for a system to enable me to power a 1500-1800 watt microwave or toaster oven occasionally while boondocking: Inverter, propane generator or the new cargenerator featured in TCA magazine. Anyone have thoughts/experiences about what to choose, what size needed, pros and cons etc?

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      We purchased a Jackery 2000 pro w/ 200w solar panel from Costco as a package.

      We’ve brought it inside and plugged the microwave into it, Wifes curling iron and hair dryer. Some camping neighbors had their cig lighter/inverter die on them and they needed two big ol air mattresses filled so the Jackery helped there.

      I need to plug the Jackery into coach shore power socket when we need the AC.
      Have yet to try/need that.

      Other wise I love it.
      A little heavy, but so is a gas genni and I can keep the jackery in the Front cab or in the coach with us at night and no gas fumes.

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