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      There’s a relatively new company called Soaring Eagle that is making comparatively inexpensive campers for short bed half-ton trucks. I’m interested but of course buying a product from a new company is always a risk. I was wondering if anyone has any firsthand experience or has seen one? Unfortunately the closest dealer is like five hours away from me.

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      I’m also looking at Soring Eagle! Being a “newer” company hasn’t dissuaded us from looking. The materials, quality and build appear to be good. However we decided their current offerings were just a little too basic for us. They have a new “Full Size” HS camper (in under 2000Lb) in development, that is targeted for production sometime late 2Q or 3Q 2024. We looked at the Cirrus 620 and Lance 650, but have decided to delay our purchase and give this new Soaring Eagle a look.
      I presume you have done some research and if you like what you see, I would take the five hour field trip and check them out!

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