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      How do you listen to SiriusXm radio while driving? My TC blocks the antenna.

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      Dirk Keeler

      I have the same problem. I listen to audiobooks most of the time with the camper on. The only way to get sat radio is to buy a new antenna and mount it on the front of the hood. I cannot find a replacement antenna for my 2017 F350.

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      John Perz

      I have between 4 and 5 hundred of my favorite songs on a memory stick that plugs into my truck’s radio. The soundtrack of my life. Best of all, no commercials of any kind.

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      I had a local stereo installer move the antenna to the front of the hood, it seems to work fine in all directions. You might find an extension kit online at Crutchfields for a DIY project.

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      For my 2014 RAM 3500 I just purchased the same antenna as is on the truck roof along with its connecting wire. Found a strong round magnet with a silicone cover and bolted it to the antenna. There is a connection inside the plastic cover on the passenger side roof column. Remove the two screws to take off the cover, disconnect the existing and reconnect the new antenna. Wire goes out the door through a gap to the bottom of the windshield and onto the hood. Works slick. Waterproof the now exposed connection on the hood. The Serius radio is very sensitive to any change in the antenna and length of the connecting wire. This way the connection is the same and the computer doen’t know. .

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      Marjorie Geiser

      Here’s one for you guys: On our last trip, all northwards, AFTER moving the antennae, we had NO radio signal the entire time. We thought we’d have to go BACK and move it again. However, on our way HOME, all south, it worked just fine!!!
      We’re about to head north, again, and we’ll see what happens this time. However, because we had NO signal at all on our FIRST trip with the TC, I packed up music CDs. We also can get Pandora and Spotify on the radio… WHEN there’s any wifi signal at all…

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