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      Phil Patterson

      Just a heads up…The 11 yr old Sureflo 4008 water pump in my truck camper started making some truly CRAZY LOUD water pipe hammering racket, but was still operable, so had to investigate this matter…Had to unload the camper from the truck to access the pump’s front bulkhead heated compartment hatch…

      Upon accessing the pump I found that 3 semi-longish stainless screws had dropped out of the pump head (pot metal), and one side of the head had started to separate from the main pump body (also pot metal) but no leaks!…Not good… So I just assumed that over 11 yrs vibration had caused the screws to work loose and drop out, and could be easily set right again with some thread lock…However, upon further inspection I found that was not the case!…Turns out that 3 of the pump head’s stainless screws had actually ‘sheared off’ (unbelievable!!) within the main body of the pump, apparently the result of a freezing episode (huh, in a heated basement??), though I’ve been cautious and have no recollection whatsoever of a single ‘not in use’ below freezing event…

      When not in use the camper is stored inside a heated RV garage…FWIW, and a few years back I’d augmented the worthless OEM 2” corrugated basement heat duct that flowed ZERO warm air with an additional 4” plenum-direct duct, so I have no idea how or when (over a time) this problem might have occurred??…Either way, by now the camper has looped the U.S. and likely has about 185k miles on it, so in the end the pump has given us good service-life…

      Got a new 4008 replacement pump today for $136 clams, and with rumors of ‘man made’ supply line issues, I was feeling kinda lucky to get it – especially grateful for no water leaks 🙂 !!

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      Alex Blasingame

      Thank you for passing along this experience with you camper pump.

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