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      Dan Hailey

      I just found out that the TC I ordered back in Feb, Northern lite 811, got pushed back another month due to the generator shortage. So, I am wondering should I even spend the 5K for the genny. It is very quiet and I ordered it because I like AC and I like going south. However the rep told me that now my TC will come with 2-200 watt solar panels since it is a 2022 build. I am putting the TC on a 2020 F350 with the camper package, 2 batteries and 2 alternators.
      S0…. My question is: Has anyone had any experience with not enough amps to run the AC, and microwave going all solar. If I go all solar I would buy a pair of 100 AMP Li batts (probably group 31) to run the electrics.
      Should I skip the genny?
      Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

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      Joel Gambino

      Whoa! $5k for a generator? That seems way high. I can run my air conditioner on my $1000 Honda 2000 inverter generator (after changing the start capacitor in the air conditioner unit).

      Seems like you would be better off adding your own generator after purchase unless I’m missing something magic about the dealer installed unit.

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      I would skip the genny and do what Joel does. Many dealerships will add the genset in the campers they purchase for the lot as it is desirable by many. I have one on my Arctic Fox,and only use it for running the microwave or AC. You will need the genset to run either of them as the truck does not produce enough amps without modifications that will get expensive. Best to see where you are first before making any other purchases. Remember this is a truck camper and not a travel trailer.

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      Phil Patterson

      On-board generators are not nearly as efficient, quiet or vibration free as say a Honda 2200i…I would definitely ditch the costly on-board generator and redirect the capital towards better options such as:

      Repurpose the generator box for Lithium batteries (4), use the existing OEM battery box for a decent inverter such as Victron’s MultiPlus 3000 inverter-charger, and add at least another 200w of Solar…Concurrent with solar, this should get you at least 4-5hrs run time on your air conditioner without a generator…You could also add a soft-start (in lieu of start cap) for your air conditioner, but since there’s very little dreaded voltage sag with lithium (similar to grid power) not as critical as with a lead acid batteries..

      Depending on your skill level (optional), you could also add a sub-panel and relocate the air conditioner, microwave and house receptacles to the sub…When on inverter power this would automatically disable say the OEM converter-charger, and (if applicable…) refer heat-strip (still located at the main panel) from the inverter output, which helps conserve batteries by preventing inadvertent battery discharge…


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