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      I have a short bed camper currently on a short bed truck. But, I am looking at getting a new truck and am thinking of getting a long bed. I like the idea of the extra outside storage that I would get in front of the camper. The new truck would be a SRW 4×4 3500 and the camper is in the 3400# range, although any future camper could be up to 4000#.

      I am wondering if folks out there who have done this have any comments on how it turned out? Any particular truck issues? The only issue I can think of is that it seems there might be a little less weight on the front end due to the greater wheelbase versus a short bed truck. That and I would have to run the torklift tie-downs in the front. The higher, more forward, location of the Happijaks would creat to great of an angle on the tie-downs.

      I saw a recently article on this website about an ex-fireman who has this set up, but there was no real mention of the short bed camper on the long bed truck.

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      Mello Mike

      It can be done. I’ve seen a few online, but I’m not a big fan of the looks. I would only do it on a flatbed like Aaron Wirth’s Lance 825 rig or the SherpTek truck bed, which we just featured in this article…

      SherpTek Debuts Overland Truck Bed For Pop-Up Campers

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      Yo can find pictures of folks doing this in some of the TC for sale ads on the Internet. As noted you will be moving the center of gravity back (COG). I would be less concerned about that if the camper I was using had a COG further to the front as the COG location can vary a fair amount again as noted in manufacturer literature. Of course, when you look at what owners are hanging off the back ends of some of their rigs one has to wonder if the putting a short camper on a long bed would have a great impact on handling than those huge add-ons. No sure. 🙂

      Steve and Andra
      2012 F350 6.2 gasser SRW LB
      Fab Fours front and rear in case we run into a rhino
      2019 Northstar Laredo SC

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      Hi Steve and Mike,

      I thought I would get notifications of responses, thus the reason for no reply for so long.

      I am still doing some research around center of gravity. The center of gravity would not change relative to the rear axle as the extra length of the eight foot bed is added in the front of the rear axle. The COG for the Apex8 is in the 32 inch range. Add 20 inches for the eight foot bed and I would still be inside the range given for a RAM 3500.

      But the COG would still be back a little further than most campers designed for an eight foot bed truck. Physics says this would effect the front end to some degree. But, physics doesn’t really tell what the actual effect on driving the truck would be. Thus my questions for someone who has actually done this. The few inputs from the people on the web don’t seem to indicate any problems, but no one actually specifically addressed drive-ability.

      And, that is why I would be curious to hear from the ex-fireman.

      And, I agree, I am not sure I would like the looks either. But, the added, exterior, storage space would be really nice.

      Thanks again for your comments and help.

      Dave Wheeler

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